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I don’t have any Diaries posts from last year until the eight so I went and checked out my stat counter for any interesting search queries. I’ve been saving these for awhile now to have enough for a post and I think I finally have enough.

For those of you who haven’t seen a post of the they landed here label, I sometimes go and check my counter to see what people are searching for that land them on the blog. I save the fun ones until I have enough to post. I got the idea from Vomit Comet and their you are here? label. They get some really funny ones.

Sooo, here are the ones I’ve been collecting since August. May the new collection begin now.

16 Aug don’t touch your tralalala

*Don’t sweat the petty stuff. Don’t pet the sweaty stuff.

29 Aug makoto akashi yamaguchi clock hair

*I’m sure that makes sense to whomever searched it, but when my screen reader says it, it sounds like some kind of weird child’s chant. The cadence is perfect! I’m imagining children doing that hand clapping thing we used to do as kids.

29 Aug “makoto akashi” “yamaguchi university”

*Oooooh…that makes a lot more sense when you write university instead of clock hair.

12 Sep roof crochets

*That’s a talented roof.

28 Sep interview tips +blogspot

*I had a spam comment this morning all about how to improve your interview skills. I checked the counter and found this search. Alrighty then. Um, the post was about Evan Longoria’s interview. Don’t you think maybe you outta read the post to see if your spam is even relevant? I almost saved the comment to make fun of it, and now that I see this query I almost wish I had. Funny thing is, I actually won a medal in the interview competition in academic decathlon in high school. Preachin to the choir, spammer.

3 Dec rite when i was gonna pee off the roof my roomie

*Oh! Oh! Is this one of those complete the sentence things? Hmmm. Ok, I’ll write: Rite when I was gonna pee off the roof my roomie said, “what does mommy say about boys who pee off roofs?” And I exclaim in a high pitched voice, “look what I can do!”

(I even kept your spelling mistake)This person searched the exact same phrase two minutes after the first search.

Want to continue the phrase after the word roomy? Leave it in a comment. I may have to turn this into a Spark for a short story.

27 Dec. sound bites silence of the lambs “oh good”

*I had to include this one because it’s an inside joke between Chupa and me. She’s the reason I put up a youtube video about this. When I saw the search query, I had to see if it was her, but it wasn’t. Guess there’s more than two of us who love the part where Buffalo Bill says “oh good”.

16 Jan “I hate fingernails”

*I get a search query for this A LOT. That’s the main reason I’m finally including it. Tons of people hate fingernails for whatever reason. It really makes me want to ask them all exactly why.

20 Jan o happy vitamins

*I instantly got the song, ‘Oh Happy Day’ in my head and it won’t go away.

2 Feb roof socks

*Did you mean wind socks? Do roofs need socks? I suppose they do get cold.

27 Feb roof dog harnesses

*Can anyone else figure why someone would want this? To go with the socks, maybe?

27 Mar floridawives


29 Mar gps blind captain

*I instantly thought, GPS for a blind captain and imagined a blind guy captaining a ship with a british GPS voice going, we are on course, destination approaching, oh wait, you are about to hit an iceberg…go right please…your other right! Crap! We’re gonna hit!


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11 Responses to They landed here

  1. that cheer thing cracked me up. Once you said it, I had the same vision. Same with oh happy day, and there is a blind guy GPS called kapten. k a p t e n. Pretty sure on the spelling on that one. Poor sucka will never find it spelling it like Captain. Roof harnesses? Are they being llike barking noise roof? Like roof! Roof! Roof roof! Ok I’m a little nuts.

    Hmmm…finish the sentence. “rite when i was gonna pee off the roof my roomie…” screamed “Fire!” Damn, I was hoping for something way cooler. I have a feeling Steve will do much better.

  2. rite when i was gonna pee off the roof my roomie walked out and stood right under me…

    and I hate fingernails because I always feel like there is dirt under them and I can’t see it to make sure its all gone so I just keep my nails really short…
    Stopped working on my paper to play the finish the sentence game…
    Sorry if it creative juices are else where…

  3. Ro

    I know it’s an actual product, but the way they worded the search was funny haha! Amanda, I originally was going to complete it like that, like, my roomie stands below me and says, is that why it always rains when I come outside? Something like that, but then I changed it and gave a shout out to Mad TV.

  4. rite when i was gonna pee off the roof my roomie…yelled don’t touch your tralalala and pushed me over the edge. Fractured my tralalala and everything.

    And did anybody else noticed that right was spelled wrong? It was r i t e, which makes it even stranger.

  5. Ro

    Hahahaha good one…

    Yeah I noticed the mistake. That’s why I said I left the spelling mistake in there when I completed the sentence. Very odd and should go into the wtf department.

  6. My vote is for Steve’s seems pretty funny! Tralalala broken sounds painful lol…

  7. LOL. I do still read this! I’m sitting here at 3:30 AM trying not to laugh loudly since I’m at my parents’ house. And… I keep waiting for you to post about whatever the cat did that you mentioned on Facebook the other day. Hahaha.

  8. RP

    I got my GDB alumni email yesterday, did you? There is a note in there that the therapist in Boring wants to start a visually impaired crocheting group. Didja see it? didja?

    I did! And I just sent her an email. Can’t wait to hear the details.


  9. Ro

    I got it and accidentally deleted it but Carin told me about the crocheting, so I’m gonna drop Kim an email too. Should be interesting!

    Oh yeah, and I should blog about the cat lol. My FB update read something like, too bad cats don’t know when you are giving them the cold shoulder.

  10. hahahahahahahahaha! That just made me crack up!The entire post actually. Rite when I was gonna pee off the roof my roomie held a cup out under me. hmmm… don’t know why but i thought of that CSI episode where the girl died from drinking her own p… anybody know what I’m talking about?

  11. Ro

    Haha not familiar with that episode.

    This issue of They Landed Here got me another pee related search query to save for the next edition hahahaha!

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