They landed here

Ok so I totally stole this from Vomit Comet and their feature they call “You are here?“. Basically, they have a tracker on their site and it allows them to see what search terms people have used that land them on their page. I really thought that was a cool idea, but hadn’t really looked into it, until I read another blog by a woman who got a tracker and saw that some really creepy search terms were landing people on her blog. I’m not linking to her, because she’s thinking about going private because of these searches. Her reason for doing the tracker though, prompted me to do it even more than for the fun factor. Luckily, I haven’t gotten creepy searches yet, but I have gotten a few fun ones. I saved them until I had enough for a post.

Originally I was going to call it “landing strip” because well, people landed here. But then I thought, hmmm, that might sound like a certain name for a region of hair in the nether areas hahah! So, I decided on “they landed here”. So, here are the ones I’ve saved:


27 Jan “in the centre of the roof”

*This search comes up a lot. I know it’s a good way to find me, but bookmarking works well too. That might help?

27 Jan Starbucks VIA OR Instant

*Yummm. I don’t think they stayed around long enough to find out I like it.

27 Jan song with Roof in the title

*This was my first funny search. And for days I was singing, “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire”

5 Feb O and M training blind

*I put way too much thought into this. Either it’s a blink looking for other blinks doing O & M or it’s a sightie maybe thinking about a career in O & M training and maybe they know they’ll have to go under blindfold.

10 Feb daryl guide dog blog

*This one cracked me up today. I wonder if they were looking for Darrell and Egypt, or a guide dog named Darrell.

11 Feb wow tissues

*Huh? This one is cracking me up yet again. Hmmm. Alrighty then. What kind of tissues were they looking for? They sound really wow.


It may look like I’m spying on my readers, and I guess I kind of am. But it doesn’t tell you who they are or anything. And I think it’s good to watch for creepy searches. I gotta tell you that Vomit Comet gets much, much funnier ones, because they’ve been around a long time, so if you need a laugh, go check it out. The link is at the top of this post.


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  1. L^2

    LOL It’s funny how you can look up something on the internet and end up somewhere only vaguely related to your search query.
    Back when I first started blogging I used to get some really weird searches too, but after a year or two I decided to use that setting Blogger offers to make my blog not accessible to search engines. This really helps keep the creepy searchers and spambots away, without having to go completely private.

  2. Wow tissues…do the World of Warcraft people offer official beat off rags? And if so, why?

    Glad you’re having fun with the search thing. and thanks yet again for the plug.

  3. Ro

    I’ve thought about turning off the search feature, but for now I want to try and leave it open since I know I like finding blogs. Hopefully the comment moderation keeps the spammers away.

    Besides, seeing search queries is too much fun hahaha!

  4. Ro

    I thought about it too late, but I should have said, “Wow tissues, by the makers of Sham Wow?” Or something like that. I could edit, but, eh.

    It’s a lot of fun!

  5. It is interesting that you get funny searches! Neither of my blogs get many google searches (anymore), and the ones I do get aren’t funny and thankfully not creepy anymore!

  6. “Hi It’s vince with Wow tissues…”

    Moderating comments is probably your best bet for stopping spam. You’ll see it, but nobody else.

    I don’t understand creating a blog and then not wanting people to find it. Like seriously, write a damn letter at that point.

  7. Ro

    Brittney, I’m so glad you’re not getting creepy searches anymore! Thanks for posting what you did though, because it prompted me to get a counter 🙂

    Steve, yeah, my ego likes the fact that people like my blog lol! But I’m a big extrovert. I have a private blog for stuff I don’t want public. But I also like the idea that maybe something on my blog will help someone, womewhere. I know when I first found other blind bloggers it was such a relief, and I’ve learned so much. Not to mention the sightie blogs I’ve learned a lot from. So I don’t want to deny mine to another I guess. Man I feel like that makes me sound conceited haha!

  8. Hahha na. Well I write some stuff in the hopes that people *will* find it. I mean, why have tips and tricks if people can’t find them?

    Yeah if vince sold Wow Tissues, I wonder if the tissues would be hated as much as the Slap Chop?

  9. Ro

    Oh man I got a search last night that takes the cake, but it’ll have to wait hahaha!!!!

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