They landed here

I may not have much time for these over the next three weeks, and these were funny.

11 Feb putting coke in the laundry

*I got this one the same night I posted the first “they landed here” post. I started laughing and told B when he asked what I was laughing at. He said, they searched for that and found your blog? It was because I mention the Coke machine in the laundry room. I have to wonder though, did someone leave some coke in their pocket accidentally? Or is coke a really good stain remover?

12 Feb roof nervous

*The Ro in the Google address is Romania. I just found it interesting. And I have to say I’m nervous about roofs too. That’s why I stay in the center.


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7 Responses to They landed here

  1. Wonder how many Romanians you’ll get because of the Ro factor. Hahhhahaha.

  2. Ro

    Hahaha!!! Maybe. I wonder why they were getting on the roof if they were nervous.

  3. I put one on Dagan’s blog, but no one googles and finds it. We suck.

  4. Weird weird weird. Wonder if put blog in search engines is off.

  5. Ro

    Or maybe you need to mention a Coke machine in the laundry room.

  6. Or maybe no body loves me. Errr, no body loves Dagan. I checked his settings and search engines can find it.

    Oh wait! I just pulled it up again! 10 visits! 10 whole visits! They love me! Err – they really love Dagan! Boring hits though – everyone looking for Dagansdogma. Maybe I will have to add some more racey posts to get some entertainment value out of the hits. Like Dagan’s favorite thing to hump! (no pillows for this boy! No other dogs – just his ummm… own head) That blog post could get some attention.

  7. Dang it! Now googling humping your own head will lead people to your blog and not Dagan’s! Oh well – you are over 18 and he isn’t. Maybe when he’s older…

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