They landed here

Every few days I check my stat counter for fun or interesting search queries that land people here. I save the good ones and stockpile them until I have enough for a post. I’m happy to say that I got a lot of hits on various autism searches and now for mental health as well. So that’s really cool. It doesn’t look like all the people stayed to read, but at least we know they’re out there searching. I didn’t save those searches, but wanted to make mention of it. So here’s what I’ve stockpiled:

13 Mar silicone sally

*So I wonder if they were looking for a phone system, or a…doll…?

21 Mar disobedience jokes

*I almost want to search that myself

22 Mar we want to start the beginning when we open the vedio again in ipod nano

*Alrighty then haha. I love how we think Google will understand more when we include ourselves in the query. I admit, I’ve done it too.

30 Mar pass out pooch

*So was your pooch passed out and you were worried? Or were you looking for pictures of passed out pooches?

3 Apr my sister

*I really hope you found your sister. Using a name might help though. I mean google is good, but I don’t think it knows who you are to just know who your sister is.

4 Apr im pretty passed out

*Oh, I think your sister is looking for you.

30 Apr what type of roof is on hank crisp

*Ok I laughed loudly at this one. Does anyone know what this person might have been looking for? Who is Hank and why would he have a roof on him?

3 May blogspot blogs on ” wii “

*I kept this one, because I got a spam comment about some kind of Wii breaking code or something. So I was surprised to find this search because it would take a lot of effort to spam people this way.

4 May aural hallucinations pot 2 months after

*Duuuuude, that’s some intense weed

9 May Evan Longoria hot

*Yes, I know he is, but he’s mine, hear me? Hands off.

10 May how ro write not being judgemental about people

*Awwww I thought this was sweet hehe! You’re probably a regular reader, so if you see this, you can use the frame at the top of my blog to search the blog. It would probably be easier than using google and it works really well.

Ok that’s it for this round of ‘they landed here’. Maybe some day I’ll get more funny ones like the ones over at Vomit Comet’s ‘you are here?’ label.


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6 Responses to They landed here

  1. Hahaha! Some of those were pretty funny. People look for the darndest things on the internet!

  2. lol I like the Evan Longoria one. Gonna go kick some butt?

  3. Ro

    Yes. He is mine. He is the reason I love baseball so I have a huge claim on him hahaha!! Now if I can just get his palm print in plaster…or if the Rays wanna fly me to the Trop, then yeah. But I’m first in line in the long huge line of women who want him hahhahehehehaha!!

  4. Give it time, and you’ll have doozers like we get. Wonder if your googler ever found his/her sister? Haaha!

  5. “how ro write not being judgemental about people”

    I hate to break it to you, but I think the Ro is actually supposed to be a to as in how to write without being judgmental about people. Not sure how you would search out something like that because you can either do it or you can’t, but nice try.

    Now as for getting funny searches like we get, you’re kind of limited by your decision not to swear or write about creepy/strange things. That helps a lot.

  6. Ro

    Aaaaah….yeah, it was probably just a really horrible typo hahahaha!!

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