They landed here

So here’s the latest search queries I’ve saved that have led people here to the Roof. It’s getting harder and harder to sift through all the queries about Evan Longoria and now David Price. Maybe I should be an official Longoria fan blog.

In case you haven’t read the other ‘they landed here’ posts, these are search queries I’ve found funny and keep saved until I have enough for a post. They come up on my tracker. I check it every few days. Good times.

Oh I wanted to say too that I get a fair amount of hits from the mental health guest posts, so hopefully those posts are continuing to help people. 🙂


16 May who is the girl in the evan longoria commercial

*Oh I wish it was me…wait what is the girl doing???

19 May dog can roof

*Yes, dogs can roof. Or did you mean woof?

23 May what happens to the roof when the rays win at home

*It gets raised? Hmmm. Tropicana Field is a dome, but it doesn’t have a retractable roof. So I don’t think anything happens to the roof when the Rays win, other than lots of cowbells and cheering.

4 Jun why are canadians so friendly

*I don’t know. Isn’t the Canada google? So, if you’re Canadian, can’t you answer that question? Ask yourself why you’re so friendly. Or maybe you’re visiting there. Steve? Carin? Why are you so friendly?

4 Jun steve carin

*This query was right below the friendly Canadian query. I’m thinking there is a man named Steve Carin, though.

12 Jun sports superstitions about girlfriends


1 Jul is Evan longoria single?

*As of 7/1/10 yes he is. But I think we’ve all got plenty of competition.

26 Jul went blind when stoned

*I laughed out loud at this one and kinda felt bad about it. But all the search queries were David Price and then this one. It linked to an old post about getting food stoned at the Melting Pot and a great blind bathroom experience hahahaha!

25 Jul evan longoria with no shirt

*This cracked me up only because I was recently on the phone with Carol and she looked up pictures of Evan and I highly enjoyed her sound effects. I asked her if there were any of him shirtless, and she didn’t find any. I had to see if this was her searching for topless pics of Evan, but it was someone in FL. 😉

24 Jul inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “audio book”

*Huh? This came up more than once. Odd.

22 Jul tiny jayden san diego


5 Aug what’s in the center roof of my closet

*In an old apartment of mine, my a/c unit was in the ceiling in the center of the closet. Sometimes I wonder if people find the answer they’re looking for. In this case, now I really wonder what’s in the center of that roof in the closet. I mean, what’s causing this person to ask? Interesting.


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  1. That is funny! I am posting your Resilient Link on my blog tomorrow 😀

  2. Damn that was funny. I never understand why some people google things google could never answer. Like “what’s in the center of my roof in my closet?” Well, look! Google sure as hell won’t know!

    I think Evan Longoria is to your blog what Randy Orton is to ours…except at least your searchers aren’t searching for his, um, private parts specifically.

    I don’t know why us Canadians are known for being too polite and friendly. We just are. We even make fun of ourselves for it. There are jokes that if someone stepped on one of our toes, *we’d* say sorry. Maybe it’s because we’re kind of more spread out population density-wise, so there are less uber crowded cities, so maybe people don’t get that hustle hustle hustle, move move move, gotta push my way through all the people to where I’m going, don’t look at anybody, just do what I gotta do kind of attitude. But that’s just a guess. I’ve been here all my life and I don’t know the answer. The funny part is even from within Canada, you’ll find places where people are more friendly than others. People always talk about people in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland being super friendly. Maybe Steve’ll have a better answer than I have.

  3. Nope, he doesn’t. You pretty much covered it. There are definitely parts of the country where people are more friendly than others, but the stereotype is mostly true. But as things to be known for go I’d say that’s a pretty good one.

    I’m not sure if there’s a person mamed Steve Carin. there might be, but we get searches for our blog name or some form of it and Steve Carin or Carin Steve now and then, so it’s not impossible that somebody could have been trying to find us…at least that’s what I’m going with for ego’s sake hahaha.

  4. Ro

    Damn I wish I had looked further to see if that person left the Roof for the Comet. Damn, oh well.

  5. I found you because Becky at Cruisin’ with Cricket mentioned you in her blog. I look forward to catching up a bit and following your blog.

  6. Ro

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the quirky Roof. =D

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