These cheered me up this morning

I wanted to be sure to recognize two blog posts that helped to cheer me up this morning. The first one appeared on my reading list, and I couldn’t figure it out from the title. As I read Poppy the Puppy’s post, I had quite a few chuckles. I even managed not to get upset about the word verification and solved the CAPTCHA after 2 tries, which was a good thing haha!!

After I got caught up with my reading list, I went back to the screen readers singing Christmas songs over on Vomit Comet, and I got really teary and cried to the Christmas Canon. Make sure you listen to that one. It’s the prettiest I have ever heard screen readers sound. I was also emotional thinking of all the work Carin had put into the post, and really missing her emails and blog posts, since she’s visiting family. I suppose I miss Steve too, though he thinks I like Carin better 😉

As I was listening to the Christmas Canon, I just felt really grateful for screen readers. Since I’ve been using mine a year, I think I often take it for granted. And listening to them sing, made me realize just how much joy screen readers bring to me and my fellow blinks.

So I’ve enjoyed my day so far. After working out I listened to Harry Potter some more and then took a shower. Tomorrow my Dad is picking me up to go to Gamma’s. It’s the first time he’ll pick me up since I went blind, so that will be fun. B is meeting us after work. My friend Sarah framed a picture of me doing my solo, and wrapped it up, one each for my Grandma, Dad, Uncle and B. So that will be nice. I didn’t get cards. I forget that sort of thing these days. Out of sight, ut of mind. We’re just eating ham sandwiches, but I’m wearing my red dress hehe! Christmas day, B volunteered to work a 3 hour shift at a group home for his company, so to give a break to the people who normally work there, since group homes don’t take holidays. So we’ll open presents before he goes to work. He asked if I want him to wrap the presents, but I’m indifferent. Not much point, really lol! He has gotten me a few things, so I feel bad about only getting him one thing, but I think it’s a good thing. I had another idea today, but it’s too late now. Maybe I’ll order it anyway.

That’s it from me today. If I don’t blog again, have a happy and merry Christmas, whichever way you are celbrating, if you’re celbrating 🙂


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  1. Just for you Ro – I put it on comment moderation, rather than the verification thingy. Now, if I can figure out how to add the alt tags over Christmas, I will get that done for ya too! 🙂

  2. Ro

    Awww thanks! I’m sure many other blinks will appreciate 🙂

    I’ve got a post here somewhere about adding alt tags. I should try and find it.

  3. OK, I tried – tell me if it worked (only on her Christmas post) I can’t see it on this computer, but I think I did it right. Can you see them??

  4. Ro

    You got it! I heard “link, Poppy in front of the tree with a Santa hat flopped over her face” or something like that hehe! Very cute!!! I’ve heard some people say that the description comes up if you hover over the picture, or if you right click and look at properties or something like that.

  5. Hmm, but none of the other pics came up?? There should have been 5 pics – basically one at the end of each paragraph. Normally,if I hover the mouse over, I see them, but I am on my mom’s lap top and it is not working. Sister in law’s lap top didn’t do it either. Confusing! Thanks for checking 🙂

  6. Ro

    Hmmm, interesting. I’m sure you’ll get it figured out. Just let me know if you ever need me to check out a post for photos 🙂

  7. All this talk about you liking Carin more has me thinking about that old bit by the Smothers Brothers. Mom always liked you best!

    I never send Christmas cards either, never have. Makes no sense to me and not just because of the blind thing. Most of them get thrown out as soon as Christmas is over if not sooner, so they’re a huge waste of perfectly good trees. Plus you spend most of the time sending them to people you don’t like enough to talk to the rest of the year, making them a pain in the ass obligation that nobody needs since life is busy enough as it is, not to mention a really token gesture that pretty well says “hey, we won’t talk until next Christmas, but here’s a picture of a tree and my name in my poor handwriting. I hope you appreciate the 30 seconds it took me to do this for you. Talk to you next year.” Anybody who’s worthy of a card I either see in person, talk to on the phone or email or type a letter to. and speaking of people you see in person, am I the only one who’s family takes the time to pay postage and send a card through the mail to somebody that’s coming to the damn party? What a stupid thing to do. thanks for slowing down my packages by clogging the mail with your pointless crap, you tools!

    None of that is to say I hate Christmas, I’m just pointing out that cards are dumb.

    And don’t feel bad about only getting one thing for B. Unless he’s a total prick which it seems he isn’t it won’t be about how much stuff you can buy, but rather that he has somebody in his life who cares about him all year long. The fact that you have somebody to share gifts with at Christmas is more important than the gifts themselves.

    I’m still catching up on the stuff I didn’t have time to read while I was away (I’m home now but Carin isn’t), but I’ll say before I even get to the sad posts that I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better.

  8. Ro

    Oh yeah, and welcome back! My other post doesn’t seem to be here but maybe I just didn’t see it, oh hell I don’t know. What was I saying? Yeah, welcome back, sooo glad you’re back 🙂

  9. Ro

    Yeah, my comment didn’t post. I guess I wasn’t supposed to talk shit about my third cousin and his newsletters. Ah well.

  10. Ahh the annual what’s up with us this year newsletter. Thankfully I don’t think there’s anybody in our family that does that or if there is, they’re nice enough to not send them to me. But to be fair, at least some thought and work goes into those things unlike cards, even if all of that effort winds up producing 38 pages of who gives a good Christ in the end.

    “A lot has happened to us Hendersons this year. Johnny our oldest caught the clap back in May, woowee, you should have heard him yelling and carrying on every morning in the bathroom. Guess you could say life has really caught fire for him ha ha ha.

    “Speaking of ha ha ha, Franky Junior is doing well in clown college. He makes a really great balloon amoeba, you’ll have to get him to show it to you if you make it down for Easter dinner next year.”

    Come to think of it those things are a lot like blogs, the major difference being that you can choose not to read somebody’s blog if you don’t care. Those newsletters are kind of an obligation because sooner or later you’re going to get the quiz and it’s easier to read the damn thing than have that awkward moment when something comes up and you don’t know what it’s all about. Then again I guess you could always say it hasn’t shown up in the mail yet because of all those idiots sending cards, that might get you out of it at least for a while.

  11. Ro

    Hahaha! Nice imitation of a newsletter there 🙂

    I do have to say though, that I never threw out a Christmas card. I always kept them, and still do, especially now that my family gives me musical cards. My mom and I used to hang all the cards on a ribbon every year, and it made for nice decoration. When I could see in my old apartment, all the cards went up on this ledge where I strung lights through my plants. Maybe it’s a girl thing. I always liked the added decoration of the cards. And when I’d get out my decorations, I’d look at the previous year’s cards and they always brought back memories. So in a way, I miss the cards. I never mailed cards though. I’d give them out personally, and the year I did the custom cards with the stamps, those were a hit. I had indivicual letter stamps, and I spelled out an inside joke with the stamps, kinda like a ransom note lol!

  12. This made me think of this song. Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime. Now there’s a christmas card you’ll never forget.

    I have to say I sometimes enjoy those family newsletters, especially the one we received a couple of years ago. I am so going to hell for what I’m about to write. It started off all normal, and then took a steep downturn into “my one son is struggling to find his path in life and my other son joined rehab.” It was such a sudden change that it was dizzying. It became a competition. Whoever came home next was asked to read that card out loud just so we could watch their reaction. It wasn’t like we wanted to make fun of someone’s difficult times. It was just that it was such a sudden change that we had to laugh or you’d cry.

  13. Ro

    Sometimes all you can do in situations like that is laugh. Yikes. I’m sure the sons didn’t appreciate that going out in a family newsletter.

    I might need to look at these links again to cheer myself up because I just found out that people have been talking about me, saying I’m not getting to enough meetings, when no one bothers to listen that I’ve had some rough physical weeks. Urgh. Ok, deep breath haha arrg!

  14. Arg erg arg erg arg! Can I beat them over the head with a big wooden spoon? A big wooden spoon to the head. Raaaar. Insert strings of foul explitives here and there and everywhere. What the bleepedy bleepin’ business is it of theirs whether you go to every bleeding beep beepedy meepedy meep meep meepin’ meeting? Have they not got better things to do?!?!?! Steam issues from my head. I whistle like a tea kettle!

  15. I was thinking along similar lines, thanks for saving me the time. I already said what I wanted to say about this in a private email, but I’ll repeat one of my personal mottos. Dont’ let the bastards get you down.

  16. Ro

    My sentiments exactly. Normally it wouldn’t get to me this bad but I was freaking out because B wasn’t home yet and there were tons of sirens. He just got home with a dozen roses for my birthday, that he didn’t get last night. So that helped. I need a vase though; keep putting roses in a pitcher lol!

  17. Ro

    Thanks for the email Steve. We’re ordering pizza and then I’ll reply. You know, I’m glad I emailed you freaking out about Carin haha!

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