The time is 4:42am

Georgie and I were on the phone yesterday and she was telling me about an app her boyfriend put on his iPhone. Apparently it turns the phone into a digital clock that stays partially illuminated so you can leave it by your bed at night and be able to glance at the time. If you touch the phone, it audibly announces the time, just like a blink’s watch.

So Georgie was awoken from a deep sleep when her boyfriend touched his phone. “The time is 4:42 am,” she heard as she was jolted out of slumber. “Why is Ro here in the bedroom?” she asked.


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3 Responses to The time is 4:42am

  1. Hahahaah! She seriously thought you were there? Wow.

  2. Ro

    Haven’t you ever been woken from a deep sleep to really believe something totally false? I’ve done that lol. His phone sounded just like my old watch lol!

  3. Ah. That makes sense hahaha. The last cell phone I heard saying the time sounded nothing like a talking watch I’d ever seen anybody have. Then I thought it was that hideous Samantha voice saying the time, and I thought “that wouldn’t sound like either Ro *or* a talking watch.” Hahaha that’s funny.

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