“The Spoon Theory” in html only

Ok, yeah, I’m low on spoons but, haha! A jaws user was having trouble with the pdf version so I found an html version here.

Let me know if that doesn’t work. Google wll always provide a link to an html version of a pdf, so that’s how I found it.


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  1. Wow, I missed some of your posts and didn’t see the links about The Spoon Theory until now. That was incredible. It gave me such a clear picture of what it’s like to have a disability of any sort.

    I’ve got a flu/cold thing now, so my spoon count is super low today–but in a day or two, I’ll have unlimited spoons again. It would be so hard to know this might be my limit everyday forward.

    Thanks for sharing that insight, Ro–it really changed me!! And blessed me, too (ah choo, ha ha).

  2. Ro

    Glad you enjoyed. Just about anyone who’s ever read it has loved it and especially those of us with a chronic illness. I had a friend who had the flu once and said she was low on spoons and then thought I’d be offended by her saying that haha! Hell no, you’re sick, you’re low on spoons. So yeah, that’s another perfect analogy. Like having a low grade flu all the time.

    Stock up on that Kleenex. Gasundheit. How do you spell that? Haha!

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