The Roof’s Short Story Challenge, SSC, guidelines

*Edit* “Sparks” are what I’m now calling the ideas I talk about below.

I decided to write a post outlining the short story challenge since it’s morphed a little bit since I first posted the idea and I want to keep this for my reference, as well as have an easy post to refer to in the future if I keep doing these.

I’m following the guidelines I learned in the creative fiction online course I took through Writer’s Village University. They do a free online writing course called F2K and it was in that class that I really started to explore the craft of writing. Anyway, they had a short story challenge that we could participate in if we wanted to and it was great fun. The mentor gave three objects and the goal was to write a short story, one thousand words or less, with a beginning, middle and end, and those three objects had to make an appearance in the story.

I couldn’t believe what those three objects sparked, and the story that came out as I took the challenge. I don’t have it on the blog in case I want to publish it one day.

So that’s the background about where the idea came from for the blog. In the comments on this post, a few of you gave me your three objects and some weren’t inanimate objects at all, but animals, colors or seasons and I really like that.

So from here on out, when I post something calling for ideas, I’ll link to this post for your reference. I’ll just need three ideas, one or two words, not necessarily objects, but I’d like at least one object.

Then I’ll give myself two days to write the story and publish. Originally it was going to be a week deadline, but as this first one taught me, a week isn’t enough of a challenge for me. I’ll likely start asking for ideas on a Sunday, randomly have the ideas picked by Friday and give myself until Sunday to post the story. We’ll see how this goes. 🙂

Already this first one was great practice, so I hope to keep doing this, and I hope I get your one or two word ideas!

PS – I’ll get back to writing about life too, promise. 🙂

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