The Rays treat photographers well

Check out this blog written about a photographer’s experience at the Trop. Thanks L^2!

This was really interesting to read and I was really glad to hear about how well the photographers are treated at Rays games. I wish he had image descriptions, but oh well. He gave a lot of props to the Rays, so I’ll forgive him for the lack of descriptions.

I hope the press are treated as well at the new stadium, whenever and wherever that may be. That was the big announcement today, but it’s nothing new.


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  1. Does the new park have a name or have they not decided which retarded corporate logo they’re ruining it with yet? Seriously, I wish that crap would stop, it’s gotten way out of hand. When you’re at the point where teams are playing in places named the Dunkin Donuts Center and you’re watching concerts at the 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre, something has gone horribly wrong.

  2. Ro

    The new park doesn’t even have real estate yet. It’s going to be a long time. Today’s announcement was just finally saying they are really looking. But the current lease isn’t up until 2027 or something crazy like that. So there’s going to be a lot of red tape and craziness.

    I move that the Rays come to Arizona. We need an American league team here. Ha!

  3. Well, if you listen to some of the tools who cover baseball up here, maybe someday you’ll have ours. for some reason that makes no sense to me some of our writers keep trying to say that because this or that has happened to the Jays, they’ll wind up like the Montreal Expos who are now the Washington Nationals. The situations are completely different and the Jays aren’t in financial trouble, but that ain’t stopping them from saying it.

  4. Ro

    Yeah, I’m not gonna worry about it. Things are fine now except everyone bitches about attendence. Hello, we’re not the only ones. The economy sucks, remember? People have to choose between eating and going to games. Geez.

  5. the Jays aren’t pulling great numbers either. We’ve been hitting record lows last year and this year. last year it made sense, we sucked. but this year we’re well above .500. the trouble you’re having there with the Rays is a total mystery. I see your point about the economy, but there are more than enough people who should be coming out to support a winner. the numbers spike when certain teams come to town, but the drop back down doesn’t make any sense especially when you take those teams and beat the hell out of ’em like the Jays did with the Yanks 2 out of 3 games last time.

  6. Ro

    In my opinion there are a lot of factors. The Rays sucked until 2008, so they didn’t have a big fan base anyway. Last year they didn’t ride the WS success and didn’t play all that well. They had a weak fan base to start with, gained some in 08 but then had to prove themselves with fans in 09 which they didn’t do. This year they’re doing great, but I think they still haven’t grabbed a ton of fans. You have a stadium in an inconvenient place according to most. Apparently you have to cross a brdge to get there and it’s a long drive. Then they say parking sucks. You have people who have moved there to retire etc who are still loyal to their old teams like the Yankees and the Red Sox. I’m sure most places have factors like that, but when you look at attendence as a whole for the entire league, it’s suffering everywhere. I don’t know if a new stadium elsewhere will help or not. There is talk about fairweather fans and I’m sure we have those. I know I couldn’t afford many games even if I lived there. So, I don’t know. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

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