The power of activity

Today has been another lazy day. I worked out yesterday but just walked on the treadmill. No lifting. A two mile walk felt great though, and my energy levels the rest of the day were much, much better.

Today started with an early Rays game. I had no laundry, so we got today off. Lucky too, with the game being early. It was a fabulous game and we won 5-3 over the Padres.

But, it ended a little after noon and so I did my usual morning reading, that I had missed during the game. Like blogs and FB and Twitter. I’m following the World Goalball Championship since Lisa is there now leading the USA team to try and qualify for the 2012 paralympics. Team USA is undefeated so far, so qualifying looks good.

I just got done reading everything and was going to go make the bed, yes I know it’s already after three and I haven’t made the bed. Jayden is curled up next to me on the couch so I leaned over to cuddle him and he made the cutest little grunty squeal type noise. I can’t explain it. Then he started to lick my face but stopped and yawned right in front of me hahaha! It was the cutest thing, and led to me deciding to write a blog.

It’s amazing how activity really helps me. All I need is a bout of inactivity to remind myself that I need at least a little activity. My back feels totally fine now, but I’m still being really careful so as not to reinjure it.

Safari is royally pissing me off and now I need to find out if I can undo the update. But I’ll do that another time. Time to go be active.

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