The Pine Deep Trilogy by Jonathan Maberry – narrated by Tom Weiner

I was introduced to Jonathan Maberry back in April when my friend Ricardo recommended the Joe Ledger novels. Nudge nudge, Maberry commented on that post. 🙂

I loved the Joe Ledger books so I checked out Maberry’s other books and the Pine Deep trilogy caught my attention. The series was intertaining but I was relieved to discover the first book,
Ghost Road Blues”, was Mayberry’s first.

There was a noticeable difference between this trilogy and the Joe Ledger novels. Most of the Ledger novels don’t stop once they start. It’s always strange to me to refer to audio books as page turners but that’s what those books are. The Pine Deep trilogy had me tapping my foot at times like ok ok come on get on with it.

The story definitely has a good creep factor, an ancient evil living in a small town, a town known as the most haunted town in America, a town with a Halloween festival every year blah blah blah. To me it was all just a little too cliche, a little too done before. Granted, it’s pretty impossible to come up with much original these days maybe, especially in the horror genre where Stephen reigns King.

The main female character was too cliche. Beautiful badass with scars she doesn’t want the man she loves to see. Why can’t a woman be a badass without having scars? Thinking back on her, she seemed to have a decent upbringing, except for living in the most haunted town in America. The main male character was a recovering alcoholic who ran a little shop and was in charge of the haunted hay ride. He related all too well with the teenaged boy character who was beaten up by dear old step dad since his mom was too drunk to intervene. I just couldn’t find myself loving any of these people. Their damage was just too boring, as messed up as that sounds.

Aside from all that, I was entertained. I couldn’t not start the next book. I’m not sure that would have been the case had all three books not already been available.

Oh I left out a detail that is a bit different. Part of the evil in this trilogy enters the town from the outside when some criminals happen upon the town after fleeing a crime. Although that’s a bit cheesy too haha. The evil of the town drew these bad guys to it.

I did not like the narration. I can’t put a finger on exactly why. He tried a little too hard when it came to the evil characters, evoking a snarling quality that just sounded cheesy.

I’m glad I listened to these audio books simply because I’m a huge fan of Jonathan Maberry. This trilogy was a decent start to what has turned in to a pretty awesome writing career.

Series rating: Entertaining

1. “Ghost Road Blues” Audible ~ Amazon

2. “Dead Man’s Song” Audible Amazon

3. “Bad Moon Rising” Audible ~ Amazon*

*I could only find the paperback used. The audio book CD kept popping up on searches. Odd.

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