The pain! The pain!

So the fact that I didn’t sleep much yesterday since I slept a ton the day of surgery meant that I didn’t miss a single dose of pain meds. Every two hours I was either taking one Vicodin or one prescription Advil. The pain never had a chance to set in.

I was a little afraid to sleep but I honestly thought I would wake up magically like I had during the brief time I slept the night before. Unfortunately not. I fell asleep around 9:30 last night and woke up at 5:30 this morning in the most agony I have ever felt. I probably shouldn’t say that because after every health problem this year I’ve said it was the worst and something worst happened. Can I get a reset in 2014 please?

I fumbled for a Vicodin and collapsed back in bed waiting for it to kick in but it did nothing. The pain had had hours to settle in, after all. I took another one and propped my head up since laying down in any position made the pain worse. I tried to focus on my breathing and listen to Jayden and B breathing on either side of me. The pain began to dull. Slightly. I dozed.

At around 7:15 I decided to take a prescription Advil and get up to ice my jaw. I did that yesterday after a twenty minute conversation with Georgie on the phone left it aching. I stayed on the couch for awhile listening to a book and taking turns icing both sides of my face. The only part that doesn’t hurt is the upper right part. Everything else in my mouth screamed.

I started asking on Twitter what people do in the night when they’re on a pain medication. Carrot said she had an alarm wake her up. I was leaning towards that so I decided that would be a good idea. She suggested spacing it out a bit so I could sleep but that idea scared me so I agreed on three hours. The typical sleep cycle is ninety minutes so I figure an alarm that goes off every three hours should allow me to get in some good sleep cycles.

The pain is under control now. I’ve started adding a Tylenol to the Vicodin since I’m allowed two Vicodin but that makes me way too sleepy. I figure it won’t overdo Tylenol if I take one with the Vicodin.

Yesterday certainly lulled me into a false sense of okness around this whole thing. What sheer agony. I have never felt pain like that, ever. It’s worth it though because I know when this is over my mouth will be in much better shape.

My doctor’s office called just a bit ago letting me know I’m due for a checkup and wanting to discuss my home nurse visit. I mumbled that I just had massive dental surgery and could I call back next week? Her tone of voice suggested she knew just what I’m going through haha.

This too shall pass. And please keep this post in mind if you ever have surgery and are on a meds schedule. It’s a good idea not to sleep for hours and let the pain set in. I should have known since I used to have to wake Mom up on a schedule and give her meds. Time to do the same for myself.

Advil in five minutes. Thanks for distracting me, post.

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