The Nothing

Remember The Nothing, in the movie ‘The Neverending Story’? As teens, some of us would hang out at the University, and there was this area under a footbridge that wasn’t quite tall enough to stand in. There were windows at ground level that looked into the basement floor of the library. We would hang out down there, and we called it “The Nothing”.

So this blog falls into that category, yet again, of nothing. I have to write a blog because I’m doing that 30 blogs in 30 days for November, even though I couldn’t get registered for it. This is actually one of those days where I might not have posted. There’s just nothing to report.

There aren’t any more details on the job, so I can’t talk about it. I haven’t heard from the lady who offered it. I’ve been calling her “UK Lady”. I hope that wouldn’t offend her.

I thought about writing some more of my story, because I haven’t written on it in awhile, but I don’t feel like thinking about the past.

Hmmm, no wood cracking sounds. Just the gentle hum of distant traffic. A cat was eating a minute ago, but they have apparently had their fill.

I ate ginger cookies which weren’t ginger cookies for lunch. I think they were actually Snickerdoodles. I suppose its easy to get the wrong thing when you’re blind and ordering cookies off a cart for a fundraiser at a blind center when the ones pushing the cart are blind. They were good anyway. Not as good as the eclair and chocolate chip cookies I ate while riding the stationary bike at my workout yesterday. But anyway I had the non ginger cookies and a KitKat for lunch with my afternoon coffee. Grandma called and asked if I had lunch and I told her I was eating cookies. She said she thought I was watching what I ate. I told her I’m having a weak week. I couldn’t think of a good blind joke. I suppose I could have said, “well I can’t really watch what I eat”. But that seemed like a lame joke.

The Yankees won the World Series last night. Pffft. I had to watch the end because it was the World Series, and I like hearing celebrating. Why do they call it the World Series? Its US teams. If the Jays are lucky, they might represent Canada. But they are an American League team. So the world series consists of the American League and the National League. And Canada could be a part of the American League. What?

I figured out that I should save $100 to take to school with me just for coffee. I asked my email list if there is coffee because I crash in the afternoons and need coffee. There will be Starbucks and other coffee shops on the routes, and if we go to the Lounge there will be coffee, but I can’t guarantee free coffee so I need to take at least $100 for coffee. Unless I just buy the cheapest coffee at the coffee shops. (How many times did I just say coffee? Repeated words just sound funny on the screen reader. I wonder if blogs sound funny to me just because Alex reads them to me?)

I could really be a coffee commercial, or so a crazy guy once told me after I shared a meeting about not having water because of a water main break, so I used the half of a Gatorade bottle full of water that I had on hand to squeeze out one cup of coffee that didn’t taste right because how do you measure the right amount of coffee for one cup? Then, I still didn’t learn my lesson and get a jug of water to have on hand, and the next time the water was off, I begged my friend to drop some water off for me on her way to work so I could have my afternoon coffee. Now there is a reserve jug of water in the fridge. What do you want to bet the water never gets shut off now?

My friend Carol called today and she and I are incapable of having a short conversation. Thanks again Bluetooth. I actually got some cleaning and straightening up done while I was on the phone with her. I was also neurotically checking email when it dinged in case it was UK Lady.

Then the home phone rang and I hung up with Carol hoping to hear a British accent on the home phone, but it was my braille teacher telling me its a go for Mondays with the over 55 guy I have to study with now so the government will let me study. I’m half tempted just to do braille through Hadley. We’ll see how it goes on Monday.

Oh the techie conference on Friday next is called Vrate. I was correct in a previous comment. I have no idea what to expect for that, but it whould be hella fun. Hella? Noooo. I hate it when that word slips out.

Well I just got an email confirming coffee in the lounge and dorms at school, so maybe I won’t need $100.

Ok this is why I write long blogs. When I have the time to read blogs, I enjoy reading the long ones. On the Mac, there are two keys I hold down with my left hand, the control and option keys. Then, using the arrow keys, I navigate. I can lock the control option keys, aka Voiceover keys, aka VO keys and just use my right hand to use the arrow keys. So I will sit back and lock my VO keys to enjoy a nice long blog, and my left hand is free to drink coffee. I’m getting good at anticipating long blogs, which comes in handy, because if I lock my VO keys and the blog is short, I have to unlock the keys to close the window. Seriously, no big deal, I know. So I write long blogs. How does that translate? I don’t know. Also, especially when writing a nothing blog, I think maybe I’ll remember something, so I keep writing.

Crap. Now I’m going to want to re-label all my random stuff posts with The Nothing.

This is why I really hope I get that part-time job. I have too much time on my hands. I could be cleaning. But all the cleaning I have is big jobs, like the bathroom and the floors. I really need to start those jobs in the mornings or at least before noon, before the afternoon crash. And this morning I didn’t want to get involved in case UK Lady called. So I didn’t start cleaning. And she didn’t call. Better luck tomorrow maybe.

Well, the only things I have left to write about are rants about things annoying me, and I don’t feel like ranting.

Ooooh, I was wondering why my arms were hurting. I had pulled the couch out slightly while I was cleaning while on the phone with Carol and it scooted my laptop cart away a bit so it wasn’t in the right spot. Duh.

Ok, so sorry if I’ve waisted your time. Oh one more thing! There are 2 dogs on the phase report with the coolest names, Nasa and Tenfour, I love it! And there’s a dog that hasn’t been on there even though he went to school like 3 weeks ago. I hope he’s ok.

Ugh, in adding labels I realized that “blogging, rambles and random stuff” could all just be, The Nothing. I wonder if I’m gonna tackle the re-labeling.


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7 Responses to The Nothing

  1. You certainly didn’t waste my time. Interesting post! I love ginger cookies, I never had snickerdoodles, but they sound good!
    Have a nice night!

  2. I’ll give you a bit of free blogging advice. If you’re going to tackle the labeling, do it now. When we got started back in 03 there was no such thing as labels on Blogger. Then when they were introduced, we didn’t bother with them because we were comfortable doing things as we had been doing them. When we finally decided we wanted them it was earlier this year, and you know how much we write. We had to go back to the very start and hand label almost 4000 posts. That, as you can surely imagine, sucked bigtime. Now that it’s done it’s great, but getting there is a lot easier when you’ve only got to deal with a few dozen posts rather than a few thousand.

  3. R

    Deborah, Snickerdoodles are yum. My mom and I used to make them. Very interesting cookies, you actually put tarter powder in them, so they have a tang, and then they’re coated with sugar and cinnimon. Yum!

    Steve, yeah I’ve seen Karen reference the labeling hell. I wish there was a way to just rename a label. But if there is, I’m not seeing it. I had to re label in the very beginning because I didn’t really get what they were for. Still learning, and now I really want to decrease some of the labels.

  4. If there’s a way to do that all at once I don’t know it either. Pretty sure there isn’t one. would be nice if there was…who knows, maybe they’re working on it for the future.

  5. Just for you.

    Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee. Hahaha.

    Sorry you locked your VO keys for nothing earlier hahah.

    I hate to rain on the job parade…but you’re sure there’s nothing scammerific going on? I mean, job offers that appear out of the blue in your email with connections to nothing scare me. But I’m sure you’ve got a good scam-o-meter and it’s all good. I’m just a worry wart.

    Yeah I forgot about the free coffee in the downtown lounge cause I could never do coffee. My body just said noooo to coffee. Hey, if you’re in SR, when it’s mealtime, you could pull a trick like retrain Craig used to do and ask for hot hot hot hot coffee. I wonder if they still remember him for that. Nita especially liked to tease him about hisneed for hot hot hot hot coffee.

  6. R

    Oh believe me, that was my first thought. I was like, ha, yeah right, scam scam scam. But, I did some research. And the email list isn’t just any old email list. So it sounds on the level, but I still haven’t heard back from her. But, you understand why I’m not running all over blogger going whooo hoooo! just yet. 😉

    I don’t like coffee so hot it burns my mouth so I don’t think I’ll be going hot coffee hot hot hot coffee hahahah!

  7. Good. *phew*. The internet can eat people, I don’t want you to be one of ’em.

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