The North and South Trilogy by John Jakes – narrated by Grover Gardner


Oh my I mean oh my seriously I can’t even I mean how do I write about this trilogy?

Did you ever see the North and South mini series with Patrick Swayze? I’ve always told people that my knowledge of the Civil War consisted only of what I remember from watching that in high school. See my high school didn’t know how to teach history. They just had us watch North and South and Roots and The Last of the Mohicans. All great, but shouldn’t school be about book learning?

So when I stumbled upon “North and South” at Audible, I thought about the mini series but I didn’t think it had anything to do with it. I was wrong. The mini series was based on the trilogy. The first book, “North and South” is about the time leading up to the war. We meet the Main and Hazard families and begin to follow their lives. The Mains are a southern rice plantation family and the Hazards are northern iron workers. The two families come together when young Orry Main and George Hazard meet on the way to West Point. I immediately feared that at some point during the war, Orry and George would meet on the battlefield.

The second book, “Love and War” brings us to the Civil War, the south trying to hang on to their way of life, the north trying to set free the slaves, boys and men entering the fighting thinking it will be all about honor and glory only to discover blood and tears. Will the Main and Hazard families remain friends while the country is divided?

The trilogy comes to a close with “Heaven and Hell” and follows the two families, fractured and broken from war, as they try to rebuild their lives and discover what’s next after so many changes and so much death and destruction.

Each book is very long so I spent a lot of time with these people. Just after I started the first book, I got a bluetooth speaker for my iPhone so I started listening to my books with the Audible app. The speaker made it all very portable so I did a lot of listening while moving about the house. These two families became a part of my life, every single member. Even the bad ones, and oh yes some were bad. This trilogy had two of the best written villains I think I have ever encountered. I found myself questioning my love for humans when I wished some of the things I wished on these people. Good thing they were fictional.

I cannot recommend this book any higher than, than what? I found myself telling Carol things about the books, near tears. Maybe I get a little too invested. But oh man! One of my favorites, oh my, oh just read these books, just read them. They were narrated by Grover Gardner. Need I say more? Oh you aren’t familiar with Grover Gardner? Oh he’s just one of my favorite narrators, that’s all.

Mains and Hazards, how I miss you!

Trilogy rating: Marriage Material

“North and South” at Audible ~ “North and South” at Amazon

“Love and War” at Audible ~ “Love and War” at Amazon

“Heaven and Hell” at Audible ~ “Heaven and Hell” at Amazon

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