The next AD Blog Carnival

The next assistance dog blog carnival is coming up next month! Check out L^2’s post, as she is our next host.

I’ll try and remember to post reminders as we get down to the deadline of mid January. 🙂


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5 Responses to The next AD Blog Carnival

  1. Fun. I hope to participate. Signed blink/blur — kind of depends on the day!

  2. Ro

    Lol I suppose some days I’m a shadowy blobby blur.

  3. That sounds like fun, if I have time – maybe I’ll join in!
    Rudy wants me to let you know that his Holiday contest/giveaway is going on NOW and he’d really like you to enter; go to, for rules. (All you have to do is write a very short poem themed on pets/Holiday) – Rudy’s trying to get a good amount of entries; and he really needs your help!
    Rudy’s Raiser

  4. Holy hell. We’re already thinking carnaval. Ok. It’s official. Some snake-like beast is eating time.

  5. Ro

    She’s just giving us plenty of time. Is not as close as it seems lol. But yeah, time is disappearing.

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