“The Murder of the Century: The Gilded Age Crime That Scandalized a City and Started the Tabloid Wars” by Paul Collins – narrated by William Dufris

This book would have been soooo much better with a different narrator! I have learned my lesson and will never again get a book narrated by William Dufris. I knew I didn’t like him, I knew I shouldn’t bother with this book but it was one of Audible’s new daily deals so I thought well…it’s not like I’ll be out a lot of money…and there are reviewers who loved Dufris…and this post would piss off anyone who thinks ellipses are over used.

I loved the idea of this book. A true crime book set in late 1800’s New York. Right up my alley! I couldn’t wait to read about the old crime solving techniques and forensics. I couldn’t wait for the court testimony. It was going to be great! It would have been awesome if not for that meddling William Dufris.

He is just such an over “actor”. He’d be great doing kids books. I swear his narration of the prosecuting attorney sounded like the Cowardly Lion. I ended up speeding up the narration speed just to finish the book faster and it actually made it a tad easier to listen to. I cared enough about the story to be able to stick with it but honestly I can’t even say if the writing was good because I hated the narration that much.

If Dufris pops up as the narrator of a book I want to read in the future, I’ll get the Kindle version. I just can’t tolerate him at all. This book is only getting an ‘entertaining’ rating because of the story. If the rating were just based on the narrator, I’d give it a ‘dismal’.
Rating: Entertaining

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