The latest winning Sparks

I think writing might help so I’m picking the objects today. Not giving myself a deadline for this story but I do want to do the end of the month bonus story so we’ll see how this all goes. Just not gonna stress over it, but I think I need to write.

So, the objects from last week were:

1. Hobbes Dogs – A speed bump, a battery, a baseball

2. Carin – a cookie, a doorknob, a broom

3. Maddie – Music, Teenager, Soccer

4. Pattib – snowstorm, penny-jar, Grandfather clock

5. Steve – An apple, a Rubik’s Cube, a shovel

6. Jen and Bil – turtle, leash, spanish book

7. Amanda – A Bond girl, special brownies, Gibson Les Paul guitar

8. Katrin – transaction ticket, scissors, wireless modem
So, entering in numbers one and eight at the random sequence generator, the top number in the sequence was three. Here’s the results page, for proof haha.
So, a story about music involving a teenager and soccer. A young adult story? Hmmm. Ok, ideas, get marinating.

Non selected sparks will go into the pool for the end of the month story which Amanda suggested in comments that I maybe do a continuing story each month. I’m playing around with that idea. I’ll probably start that one next, so just keep your eyes open for the next call for Sparks. Not sure when it’ll be.


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  1. My three objects for the next story: table, chair, guide dog.

    Choosing three objects for each story writing challenge sounds like fun!

    Take care,


  2. Ro

    Oh I’m not quite calling for sparks on the next one yet. I keep all the comments together on one post, so when I’m ready for the next one, I’ll write a post asking for them.

    I’m working on a story now but it’s going slowly with my fatigue. It’ll probably be at least a week before I ask for more topics, so keep those in mind. 🙂

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