The Joe Ledger Novels by Jonathan Maberry – narrated by Ray Porter

This post is going to be a bit different since it’s about six books instead of one. I decided I did not want to write an individual post for each book in this series because since I read them all back-to-back, it really felt more like one very long book rather than individual ones.

My friend Ricardo and I talk audio books a lot and during one of our conversations he mentioned a book he was excited about, the fifth book in the Joe Ledger series. I went and looked up the first book on Audible and was instantly hooked by the description. A new government agency designed to fight the things we don’t hear about? A deadly plague that turns people into zombies? A terrorist Joe Ledger has to kill twice? Oh yeah, bring it on!

There was no stopping me once I started the series. I had no desire to read anything else. I wanted to just keep hanging out with Joe Ledger and Mr. Church and Rudy Sanches and Top and Bunny and oddities oh my!

I flew threw these books, unable to put them down. The book I read last, “Joe Ledger: The Missing Files”, is a compilation of short stories that tie up some loose ends. When I was done with it, I was sad. I felt empty. I craved the escapism of the incredible clandestine agency, the mix of Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer that is Joe Ledger, the mystery that is Mr. Church and the terrifying creations straight out of The X-Files. How do you follow that?

I just got sad after writing that. That’s when you know a series is great! Below I’ve left links to each book with the book’s rating. REading them back-to-back really was a roller coaster, with each book not getting the same rating, not every book making my heart pound as hard, but as a whole, the series pretty much gets a Marriage Material rating from me. I’m assuming the next book will be out next year and I can’t wait! Oh and Ray Porter? Excellent narrator! He nails the badass tones during fights and then almost makes you cry when Ledger is feeling emotional. I’ve looked up Porter’s other books, he’s that good. I also think I’m going to start on more science fiction books, which he seems to like to narrate.

Oh, if you don’t like blood and gore, be forewarned. There are some very graphic scenes in every book. The action rarely stops so there’s a lot of blood. But, there’s also a service dog! How’s that for perfect? He’s so cool!

Ok, I’m done raving. I love love love these books! In fact when I finished the short stories book, I listened to the beginning of “Patient Zero” again to revisit how it all began. Then I had to force myself to move on. Is it next year yet?

Series Rating: Marriage Material

1. “Patient Zero” Audible ~ Amazon (Entertaining)

2. “The Dragon Factory” Audible ~ Amazon (So good!)

3. “The King of Plagues” Audible ~ Amazon (Entertaining)

4. “Assassin’s Code” Audible ~ Amazon (So good!)

5. “Extinction Machine” Audible ~ Amazon (Entertaining)

3.5. “Joe Ledger: The Missing Files” Audible ~ Amazon (audio only) (Entertaining)


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  1. Pat Forsythe

    I’m with you on the whole “wish it could go on and on” thing…I’m always sad when I finish one of the Joe Ledger books and know I have to wait over a year for the next one. My husband and I have played the “who will play Joe in the TV or movie series” so many times. My vote goes to Jensen Ackles from the Supernatural series.
    To tide you over, you might enjoy “14” on audio – it’s narrated by Ray Porter and he does his usual superb mix of emotion/laughter/anger. I love his ability to make each character come to life. He and Kate Reading are my favorite voices on audiobook. Glad to meet another Ledger fan!

  2. Ro

    Ah! I added “14” to my wish list the day I was getting the links for this post haha! Man, I hadn’t thought about who might play Joe Ledger. I’ve really gotten away from TV and movies so I don’t know who any of the IT guys are haha! Mr. Church, who would play him? Surprisingly I kept picturing Anthony Hopkins haha!
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  3. So glad you’re enjoying the Joe Ledger stories. There’s a lot more to come. I just finished book 6, CODE ZERO, and am doing research on #7, PREDATOR ONE.

    And I agree that Ray Porter knocks it all the way out of the park with his narration.

  4. Ro

    Wow! Thanks so much for commenting! It’s almost like Mindreader is real and yours and it alerted you about this post. Haha I’m a dork. I can’t wait for the next book! I’m thrilled to know there are at least two more! Ok, trying not to go all fan girl but it’s my blog and I can squeal if I want to, right? So holy crap you commented on my post! Is it really you? Why only one r? 😉
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  5. There are SEVEN new Joe Ledger stories coming this year.

    Next up is MAD SCIENCE, a short story that will be exclusive to the LIAR LAIR audiobook anthology; available now from Blackstone Audio.

    BORROWED POWER is a two-part novella in eBook due out April 30. In the first section, a much younger Mr. Church and Lilith hunt monsters in the sewers of Paris; and in part two Joe Ledger and Violin are called in when that ancient evil rises again.

    Then there’s CHANGELING, a Joe Ledger novella that will be in issue #9 of MIDNIGHT ECHO, May 31.

    Joe makes a brief appearance in TOOTH & NAIL, an eBook novella that will be released on July 23 from Simon & Schuster. This story is set between the events of the novels FLESH & BONE and FIRE &ASH, books 3 and 4 of the ROT & RUIN series.

    In August, look for Joe Ledger in FIRE & ASH, the fourth and final book in the ROT & RUIN series. (He also appeared in FLESH & BONE, now available from Simon & Schuster).

    In September, Joe, Top and Bunny go deep into the Afghan desert to confront an ancient horror in ALIVE DAY, a novella included in the new anthology, FOUR SUMMONER’S TALES, edited by Christopher Golden (September, Gallery Books)

    Then Joe and Echo Team journey to the frozen Antarctic in A FOOTNOTE IN THE BLACK BUDGET, which will be included in THE MADNESS OF CTHULHU, edited by S. T. Joshi for Titan Books (date not yet set).

    Joe Ledger will also return in future novels: CODE ZERO (2014) and PREDATOR ONE (2014).
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  6. Pat Forsythe

    Hmmm…I actually see Fred Thompson as Mr. Church.
    Why hasn’t AMC optioned these for a series, since they’ve had such great success with their Walking Dead series (which I LOVE)? I’m baffled by what gets to go to the big show…most of what they put on tv is trash. Oh well…I’ll never understand why people watch most of it. Give me a good book!

  7. Ro

    Jonathan, you’ve been busy!!!! The young Mr. Church story has me excited, though really they all do but especially a young Mr. Church. I’m following you on Twitter now so I’m guessing I won’t miss these when they come out. I’m so missing Joe and company!

    Pat, Yes! I can see him in the role too. I’m blind now, but I do remember what he looked like and he would fit. I don’t watch TV anymore, haven’t really since The X-Files and LOST. I much prefer books, especially now that I’m blind, audio books just bring things much more to life for me. I can totally see AMC picking up the Ledger books though, what with their success with The Walking Dead, a show I’m tempted to try to get into.
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  8. Pat Forsythe

    Thank God for audio-books!

  9. Ryan

    Yes thank God for audiobooks. I am also blind and listen to a ton of audiobooks. I finished 4 last month and listened to Code Zero in 3 days. Love the Joe Ledger series. If you guys are looking for some good reads in the meantime goole The Guilded Earlobe and read his reviews. Also a fan of Joe Ledger I 100 percent trust his reviews. It is a really good site. Cheers

  10. Ray Porter

    Wow! I’m going to have these comments tattooed to my arm so when I am feeling down I can read them. Thank you.
    I love the Joe Ledger books, I find I miss the characters between novels. Jonathan’s writing is amazing and to get to say his words is a gift. There is a compilation of all the short stories out in audio form right now. The stories Jonathan mentioned are in there and a few others. Also, I did an interview with Jonathan some time ago and they decided to have that recorded. So, uh, you get to listen to me interview myself at the end of the book which I found distressing. I wouldn’t be sad if you just fast forwarded through that. Thank you for such kindness about my narration, it really matters and I am both happy and humbled that you like it. Okay, time to get back in the recording booth!

  11. Ro

    Ray Porter! Wow this post turned into the ultimate fangirl post! I’m so mad at WordPress that I did not get an email notification of your comment and just happened to find it on my WordPress dashboard. Thank you so so much for commenting! You are right up there in my top five favorite narrators. I’ve listened to quite a few other books that you’ve done though Joe Ledger is always a favorite.

    Oh and if you get that tattoo, be sure to come back and tell me. Haha! 😉

    Another oh, I’m totally going to find that collection *just* to hear you interview yourself. Yay!
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  12. kim s.

    Yup. Right there with ya. Actually, I’m on my THIRD trip thru the series. This time IN ORDER with all the novellas in the middle. I JUST read on Mr. Maberry’s post that Joe is in the Rot & Ruin series (here I come) and in a Book called The Madness of Cthulhu. Gotta look for it. I – also – can’t wait for Book 7. March 2015. It seems ages from now. Hooah!

  13. Ryan

    I was just rooting around on Amazon and found the plot synopsis for Predator One. Let’s just say OMG!! Can’t wait. I also can’t believe that Jonathan and Ray commented on this. That’s crazy. I hardly expect that Predator One will last me more than a couple of days before I finish. What a great post guys.

  14. Ro

    Gah I need to check comments daily since apparently Gmail thinks WordPress comments are spam haha. I haven’t read the synopsis for Predator yet since I no longer read anything about books in the Joe Ledger series so I’m completely surprised haha.

    And talk about so freaking cool those two commented! I am so fangirl-ing just thinking about it again!
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  15. Kim Sharabba

    Okay, if you haven’t read the synopsis yet and it’s due out in April —- do you know if the Audible version will come out at the same time as the novel? Because I’ve been waiting for a year. I’ve had hives three times. I need Joe. And I”m going to start at the entire beginning of the series again …. in preparation for Predator One in April.

  16. Ro

    I’m pretty sure the last Joe Ledger audio book came out on Audible at the same time though I can’t be absolutely sure. I checked Audible to see if Predator One is available for preorder yet but it’s not listed. I’m starting to chomp at the bit for this book though thanks to this comment thread hahaha!
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