“The Hunt for Red October” by Tom Clancy – narrated by J. Charles (includes audio of me)

Back in December Audible had a bunch of sales, one of which included several books that had been made into movies. I was excited to find “The Hunt for Red October” because I remember watching that movie with my parents. I couldn’t remember much of the movie but I knew I had liked it and since movies are rarely as good as the books, I figured I’d love the book.

This book isn’t going to get a good rating but I can’t say it’s Tom Clancy’s fault. When you have bad narration, even the best book is ruined and this one had abysmal narrating, and that’s not because the book is about submarines.

Clancy should probably take some of the blame since he laid down a huge chunk of the plot way too soon. You know immediately what the Russian captain of the submarine, The Red October, is up to. The whole first half of the book gives background on characters and lays out exactly how the captain plans to accomplish his goal. This all might have been interesting but the horrible narration just kept distracting me.

The second half of the book got better and I was able to concentrate less on the bad narrating since the action got really good and there were less accents to contend with.

I’m really disappointed. I started the movie tonight and it’s so much better. It actually cleared up some of what was murky in the book. I was telling Carol about this the other day and I decided to try and re-create some of what I told her in an audio clip for you since I can’t do this awful narrating justice in print.

If you listened to that, the narrator I couldn’t remember is Frank Muller. I knew he did “The Shawshank Redemption” by Stephen King so I just started that audio book quickly to remind me. If I had Muller’s version of “The Hunt fore Red October”, it would have been rated better, I guarantee it.

Rating: Meh

The second half of the book is what elevated the rating. You can hear the Russian accent if you preview the audio book.

“The Hunt for Red October” at Audible ~ “The Hunt for Red October at Amazon

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