“The House at Riverton” by Kate Morton – narrated by Caroline Lee

Perhaps I should begin these posts saying which books were not daily deals, rather than pointing out when they were haha. This book was awesome!

The writing was so beautifully written and poetically descriptive that one is instantly plunged into the story itself as though watching a movie. This effect is helped along by the fact that the book opens with the oping scene of a film being shot about the events of the novel. We are transported to the early nineteen twenties when, at a society party, a young poet kills himself and two sisters never speak to one another again. The tale is told from the point of view of a young house maid and we walk with her through all the grandeur of the time, trying to solve the mystery of a closely kept secret.

The story telling bounces back and forth between the young house maid and her elderly self as she is questioned by the makers of the movie called The Shifting Fog.

I remember having a hard time putting this one down. The note I jotted for myself on my list simply reads: that’s fucked up. That is the same reaction I had at the end of the movie 7. It doesn’t seem right to associate such a swear word with such a beautiful book but strong feelings need strong words. I very highly recommend this book. Get it if you can.

Rating: Marriage Material

“The House at Riverton” at Audible

Just a book post today. Cat’s kept us up half the night and I am weary with lack of sleep.

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