“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams – narrated by Stephen Fry

I have no idea how to sum up this book, I really don’t. I think I’m going to lose geek points by saying I just didn’t get it. I think I might have known too many random things about the book so the intrigue was kinda gone, like I already knew the answer to life, the universe and everything but I won’t spoil that if you don’t know it already. Huh? Yeah. Carol was right about so many references to this book in pop culture; there were a lot of things I recognized like, “so long, thanks for all the fish”, that makes sense now. I’m also fairly certain Wil Wheaton got his Twitter bio from this book. His bio reads, “I’m just this guy, you know?”

It was most definitely entertaining the way “John Dies at the End” was, in a very quirky and odd way. I found my mind wandering a lot, but I suppose I enjoyed it. I really can’t begin to try and describe what the book is about. The narration was good, very British, except the annoying computer, Eddie, had an american accent which I found rather funny.

I couldn’t help but find it interesting that I read this on purpose after “Grapes of Wrath” to have a lighthearted break before my next book and this one started off with a guy getting dislodged from his home just like the Joad family in ‘Grapes’. Maybe I’m the only one who finds things like that interesting. Also, It was “John Dies at the End” that pushed me to read ‘Grapes’ and ‘John Dies’ and ‘Hitchhiker’s’ are similar, sorta. Huh? Yeah I don’t know either. I’m tired. Where’s my towel?

Rating: Entertaining

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