“The Gypsey Morph” (The Genesis of Shannara Book 3) by Terry Brooks – narrated by Phil Gigante

I felt empty yesterday when I finished this book. I was so happy with how the trilogy ended but then I was just sad to be done with all the characters. I looked up the series before and after the Genesis of Shannara trilogy but Audible doesn’t have the one before and the one after isn’t complete yet. It’s also set five hundred years after this trilogy which means it’s probably doubtful it will have much if anything to do with all the characters I loved in this trilogy.

In “The Gypsey Morph”, Hawk must lead what is left of the human race in America to the promised land, the place where all will be safe from the coming world wide destruction. He and his family and the thousands of refugee children and their caretakers are waiting for the chosen elf to arrive with the elf stone that holds the entire remains of the elf world along with their city and talisman elk. The caravan is being chased by the demon army led by the old man orchestrating attacks on the knights of the word as he tries to kill the gypsey morph, Hawk, and the chosen elf in order to destroy the stone and annihilate the elves.

I couldn’t help but think of “The Grapes of Wrath” and the old Oregon Trail game I played in elementary school while reading about the giant caravan and their trek across barren landscapes. They faced untold evils with only the magic of two Knights of the Word and the wild magic of Hawk. This last book was just freaking epic!

Naturally it came down to a final battle and this did not disappoint. There were also several twists I wasn’t expecting along with little things I figured out on my own, a recipe for novels I have come to expect from good writers. I really am so sad it’s over.

If you’re a fan of stories of magic and fantasy, I definitely recommend. If you don’t think you’re a fan, why not try it? Man, I’m getting sad all over again thinking about all the characters I’ve left behind. I suppose they’ll stay alive in my Audible library though, just like how the elves were kept alive in the elf stone…

I’m grateful I had this trilogy while on bed/couch rest, that’s for sure. I think my favorite character was Panther. He had me laughing a lot in this last book. I’ll miss him!

Rating: Marriage Material

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