The Fragile State of Blogger

Day two of writing every day haha!

I wish I wasn’t going to write a downer post about the state of blogger. I’m scared. I don’t want to have to move my blog to WordPress. You have no customization with them and apparently you can’t even add a stat counter like I have. I have so much fun with that, I don’t want to lose it. I’m used to Blogger and it’s simple.

I don’t know if any of you have tried the new editor. I haven’t and from what I see on Twitter, there’s no point. It’s completely inaccessible and even the sighted folk don’t like it. Will it be like the Twitter website though, where you could use old Twitter for months and now are forced to use new Twitter? Luckily with Twitter, I use a client that’s accessible and easy. If Blogger makes us use the new editor eventually though, all of us blind bloggers will have to move.

I don’t have the first clue how to even contact blogger and frankly, I don’t think they much care anyway. Maybe I’m just bitter.

So, blind bloggers, will you move to WordPress soon, rather then suddenly not be able to write on your Blogger blogs? Do you know what we can do to stay here? Is there a group starting an uprising or anything?

Oh yeah, with Voiceover, I now have to use form controls to access the title field. I know it’s not so with Jaws. Have any of you noticed any other strange issues?

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  1. I use WordPress because I still haven’t got a Gooogle account despite trying to get help to sign up to it. So I’ve decided to use WordPress since it’s user-friendly for the most part. The widgets aren’t very VI friendly but there’s hundreds of themes to choose from. It’s still sad that I need help to move widgets around if the theme I choose hasn’t got them the way I want as an example. I’ve got Kubric and it’s all right. Oh well without waffling on I thought I’d give you my two quid on it all.

    I hope blogger starts working better for you though, what a pain in the a*** to have to move your blog somewhere else!

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