“The Fault in our Stars” by John Green – narrated by Kate Rudd

If I knew every single way to say I love this book, I would write them all here. I suppose I could go Google translate all the different ways to say it but that would take a lot of time and let’s face it, we all know those translators are less than accurate.

So how can I tell you how much I love this book? I have been historically bad at grasping words when I feel incredibly grateful or have strong feelings for something.

I really need to thank Audible for this book. This book is the perfect example of how Audible hopes the daily deal will allow people to take a chance on a book they normally wouldn’t have at full price or for a credit. I’m not sure I would have gotten TFIOS if it hadn’t been a daily deal. I abbreviated the title because John Green himself does too. How do I know this? At the end of the book, there was an interview with John Green and he mentioned Twitter so as I lay in bed, tears drying on my cheeks, I looked him up on my phone. I had no idea he does videos for Mental Floss, a website I love holy crap! And in one of the videos I played, where he demonstrates thirty life hacks to see if they work, he sounds like Augustus Waters! Wait, what? Oh right, I haven’t even written about the book. see? This is what happens. I loved this book so much!

This book centers around teenagers so I suppose it could be classified as a young adult novel but that certainly doesn’t mean adults won’t enjoy it, I mean I am an adult. Sorta. I try and stay young emotionally. Not young emotionally, you know what I mean. anyway, Hazel Grace oh wait she only likes when Augustus uses her middle name, Hazel is a sixteen year old girl who has ben fighting terminal cancer. The book is written from her point of view and I love it right from the get go because she talks about how her story isn’t going to focus on the typical cancer kid book stuff.

Hazel’s mom wants her to get out more so she practically forces her to go to cancer support group one evening and there, Hazel meets Augustus Waters, friend of Hazel’s friend Isaac. I won’t go into any of Isaac’s story but I will say I related to him A TON.

Augustus is immediately taken with Hazel and they decide to go watch a movie at his house after support group. We meet Augustus’ parents and find out a little more about his own cancer journey. He’s been in remission but cancer took his leg. The two become friends and swap each other’s favorite books to read. His is some military ops book or something like that, and hers well, hers isn’t. Long story short, well, no. That’s all I’m going to tell you.

I knew I’d end up bawling at the end of this book and I was not wrong. I loved loved loved this book! Right now it’s definitely getting the top spot on this year’s top ten list. It’s rare that a book touches deep emotions and this one surely did. From the awfulness of cancer which I’ve experienced, not in myself *knock on wood* but with my mom and B’s mom, to the having major limitations when you’re young and all you want to do is live, to the love of books and boys and music and America’s Next Top Model…

Ok wow I managed to actually write some stuff about this book! I’m all glowing inside remembering it and how it made me feel and how the characters knew exactly what it’s like to be me. John Green, thank you! Audible, thank you! Oh and the movie just wrapped filming. John Green was at the filming so I know this because of his tweets. I want to say I won’t watch the movie since the voices will be all wrong and I’m not sure I want to feel the flood of emotion again but I know I’ll watch it. Oh, I miss you Hazel! I miss you Augustus! You’ll be back in the movie! Yay!

Oh! Wait! Kate Rudd, bravo! Wonderful job narrating this book! Hazel’s friend with the slightly European accent? Haha! Great job! Ok why am I writing that as if I’m writing it to Kate? This book, it just makes me gush!

Rating: Marriage Material

“The Fault in Our Stars” at Audible ~ “The Fault in Our Stars” at Amazon

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