“The Elves of Cintra” (The Genesis of Shannara Book 2) by Terry Brooks – narrated by Phil Gigante

I’m going through books as though they’re water right now since I’m stuck resting with another bout of diverticulitis, which is really disheartening since I’ve done everything I’m supposed to to prevent such attacks. The silver lining is that I have additional time to read and it was just good timing since I’m on such a great series!

I’ve noticed a trend with second books in trilogies. They tend to be so good and action packed since neither story development nor conclusion is necessary. “The elves of Cintra” was just non-stop. The characters I came to love in the first book are seemingly all put into mortal peril at some point. So often I found myself shouting, “no! Don’t go over there! No!”

While these books are set in the future and involved fairy creatures and demons and elves and magic, the story is still very topical. In the world of these books, civilization as we know it today is no more because of the actions of our generations. War and negligence of the environment have led to this terrible and unimaginable dystopia, where mutations have created lizard men and giant insects and an entire host of horrors. It truly is a battle between good and evil and evil is winning.

In ‘Elves’, I was so happy to have the cliffhanger I’ve dealt with for years resolved! I think I’ll be reading more by Terry Brooks in the future. The Genesis of Shannara books are apparently in between two other related series.

Oh, the narration of Phil Gigante is wonderful. I think his voice and characterization is much better suited to fantasy type books than Dick Hill’s was in the first book and I love Dick Hill. Gigante just has the right sound for these books in my opinion and I’m glad he did the third as well.

Ok, I’m off to snuggle on the couch with Jayden under a blanket while I listen to the third book. I’m so excited to see how the series will end. Wish me luck making it through until Monday, would you? That was the soonest I could get in to see my doctor. I’m avoiding urgent care like the plague unless I develop a fever, so I’m eating just enough soft food to stay alive. 😉 I shouldn’t have mentioned plague, since plague is rampant in the Genesis of Shannara books and our warring made it happen…

Rating: So good!

“The Elves of Cintra” at Audible ~ “The Elves of Cintra” at Amazon

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