“The Drop” (Harry Bosch #17) by Michael Connelly – narrated by Len Cariou

In “The Drop”, Harry Bosch starts working on a cold case in the Open Unsolved unit when a call comes from the top of the department and Bosch is ordered to work a live case, a possible suicide from the top floor of a fancy hotel. Bosch isn’t happy about being ordered to work this case but when the orders come from the top, they must be obeyed.

As I read this book I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I don’t care for the political story lines that pop up in this series. There’s no avoiding it since politics are everywhere but I just don’t like it when Harry gets involved in them because as he puts it, there’s always “hijingo”. I’m not sure if that’s how the word is spelled haha. It basically means to watch your back on cases like this, that there’s always something tainted about them, and this case is no exception. Long time readers of the series will have a holy crap moment when they find out who the victim is.

What made me sad in this book is how a relationship with one of his past partners is effected and how this old partner has turned into a minion of the top. I think a big part of me loves Harry Bosch so much because he protects and serves but still fights “the man”. He doesn’t give in and become a puppet like this old partner did. I’m really sad about the end of that friendship and that’s just one of the things that Connelly does so well. He lets you get invested in the characters and it’s not always a happy ending for them. A new character was introduced in this book and I don’t like her much haha. I think Bosch probably should have trusted his gut about her and run a mile, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that he’s losing his edge a bit. Bosch is getting old!

I got really annoyed by Carious’s narration in this book. One of the characters is described as having a high pitched voice and oh man did that get annoying, especially when the person cried. And when Cariou does a crying female, it sounds like someone who is painfully constipated haha! I wish we could have had Dick Hill for this whole series. I wonder why he left. Probably got too busy with the Jack Reacher character, a series I’ll be starting this year when Harry Bosch is done. I’m nearly caught up! Actually i am caught up haha. I’ll be posting about the last book next. “The Drop” was the second to last book. Wow!

Rating: Entertaining

Oh, thinking about the title made me think about the cold case and how much I enjoy those story lines. It’s amazing what they can do with evidence from years ago with the advances of technology of today. Fun stuff.

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