The Dress

Every girl has that item of clothing that they like to have on reserve for special occasions like nice dinners or parties. Mine is the little number from Old Navy that I bought about 4 years ago for a dance a committee I was on was giving.

I had been at the outlet mall that is located about an hour from town, shopping with Grandma. I wasn’t shopping for anything in particular, though I had hoped I’d find something for the dance. I saw it in Old Navy, strapless, dark brown with turquoise flowery designs. I put the hangar over my head and looked down to survey. It hit me just past the knees and flared out a bit. As I admired it on the hanger I thought, “this could be dressed up or down. I could wear this to dinners or to summer bbqs. But It wouldn’t fit…and I wouldn’t look good in a strapless dress.” Grandma ambled over and I showed her and her eyes lit up. “Oh how pretty!” she exclaimed. I decided to try it on.

I couldn’t believe how nice it looked and it was actually comfortable. Just a nice durable cotton, it was lightweight yet sturdy and it showed off my curves in all the right places and made me look taller.

I wanted something to wear on my shoulders that would match nicely, and quickly found a pretty brown crocheted sweater type thing, with short sleaves and a pretty gold button closing under the breast. The perfect outfit.

I eventually bought a pair of brown sandals and also a pair of turquoise ballet slipper shoes, not knowing which I’d wear with it. I ended up taking both to the dance, and switched into the slippers to dance in. When I took off the crochet top, I got a very nice reaction from some surrounding men.

The dress quickly became my standby. It worked in just about any event that called for a dress, and I wore it to a charity event about a month before losing my eyesight.

Now, when I went blind, I got very inactive. Add that with a Pringles addiction that started when I needed to take my morning steroids with food, and I quickly said by bye to the dress. There were times when I would hope to wear it, thinking I had lost some weight, but I just couldn’t get it zipped. I resorted to my other stand-bye dress, a not nearly as cute little summer type dress found at a thrift store. It does not have the same appeal.

Fast forward to today. I’m taking B to the Melting Pot for his birthday. We both absolutely love fondu and this place is the best. Its rather pricey, so we usually only go there for our anniversary and birthdays. What was I going to wear? Do I try the dress? I’ve been working out and my jeans fit better, should I try it? I don’t want to be disappointed if it still doesn’t fit.

Well, I decided to try it. I reach into the back of my closet and pull it out. Have you seen Harry Potter? You know when he’s handed the right wand for the first time, and everything is golden and there’s that “ah” type music? Thats how I felt taking out the dress.

I pull it on, and zip it up and the zipper went all the way up and i could turn the dress around so the zipper was in the back and I adjusted it and made sure it was all in the right place and jumped out and said, “It fits!!!” spreading my arms wide and B said “wow!”

I couldn’t believe it. It fit. I decided not to wear it however, because while it fits, its a bit tight, and fondu equals a lot of food, and I’d rather not be uncomfortable.

The point is, it fit. I should be able to wear it comfortably for my birthday in December. It is such a good feeling when hard work pays off, and it made the 3 sets of 15 inverted sit-ups I did today totally worth it.

So ladies, if you have “the dress” and it doesn’t quite fit, just eat less, move more. The pay off is more than worth it!

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