The craic was not 90 at the GnR show in Dublin

B came across this video on one of his music forums. *Warning* you can hear swearing.

The story goes that on September first, Guns n Roses was over an hour late getting on stage for their concert in Dublin, Ireland. The fans began booing them straight away and throwing beer bottles on stage. Axl has enough and says they’ll leave if another bottle is thrown, which promptly happens. Venue staff get up and try to calm the crowd and the guy says please don’t throw anything at Axl. B said the crowd began throwing bottles at the venue guy.

I don’t blame an artist for leaving if the crowd is going to throw bottles at him, but maybe he should have been on time. It’s good craic to hear the fans complaining, though.


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4 Responses to The craic was not 90 at the GnR show in Dublin

  1. MM, I think I want some lucky charms and to rock to Welcome to the jungle lol

  2. Jen

    Yeah it was the big entertainment story of the week here.
    Do you know what Axl does when fans throw bottles at him?
    He runs and goeses!!

  3. Ro

    Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Took me a minute to get that until I went word by word hahahaha!!! Goooood one hehe!

  4. Runs and goeses, that’s pretty funny.

    I don’t blame those people for being upset. He has a history of being late and screwing the fans over with his tantrums, sometimes walking offstage for no good reason or not going out at all. I almost hope one of those bottles cracked him a good one, the friggin baby.

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