The Concert

Oh what a night!

L picked me up at 5:20 and I was so glad to be underway. It helped the nerves a little, since I was all dressed and ready to go. We wore white tops and black bottoms. I put some more pineapple juice with water in my water bottle for some added throat protection hehe.

We arrived at the church a little before 6 and found our places. There were pews reserved for the choirs, and we had figured out where to sit so we could line up on stage easily. The rest of our choir showed up and Miss K was working with the little ones. Oh my goodness they were so cute! The first choir was first through third graders. Then the second choir were fourth and fifth graders. They were all so cute. She didn’t work with us at all. We all warmed up just after 6 and then we sat around talking.

The doors were gonna open at 6:45 so L and I ran to the bathroom at about 6:35. We had to walk through the church lobby and holy cow it was full of people. As we were coming out, I heard my name and it was my second cousin, who found me on Facebook. He drove in from out of town just for the concert! I couldn’t stay and chat, so we went back in.

The doors opened and all the women were exclaiming about all the people walking in. Before we knew it, Miss K was asking the choirs to relinquish their seats for the crowd. They had never had such a big crowd! I knew I couldn’t stand the whole time, so I sat right on the end of the pew for the first three choirs.

they were so cute! Miss K really worked miracles with those kids. I’ve never heard children’s choirs sound that good!

About halfway through the third choir, we all went and lined up in the lobby. They were singing 12 Days of Christmas. Miss K separated the crowd into 12 and those groups had to get up and sing their number. Georgie saw me going into the lobby so she got up and went to tell me she was there and give me a hug. I was getting really nervous. One of the women said we should sing along to warm up again, so we sang 12 days in the lobby to warm up.

Finally it was our turn to get up on stage. It went very smoothly. I had told L to lay my cane down back behind us. We sang the first song, Chestnuts, and sounded great!

The dreaded Sleighbells was next. I had woken up with that song in my head. Miss K said something to the crowd about how hard the song was and we all laughed nervously.

About a third of the way into the song, I felt like I was going to pass out. It was really weird, because I felt everything, the sudden sweating, the metallic taste in my mouth, but I had never experienced that blind before, so I didn’t get the weird vision like I used to. I told myself to relax my knees but they already were. Meanwhile I’m singing my heart out to Sleighbells. I wasn’t going to let a dizzy spell stop me; I had worked way to hard on that darned song hehe! I reached over and grabbed L’s arm. After the song I said I needed my cane back. It’s not a support cane, but something about having it calms me down.

We changed things a little. Snowfall was next, and we originally weren’t in groupings for this song, but Miss K said to do groupings, so I got to sit on a stool. As the opening notes were played, I thought to myself, “this is for JayNoi”. I remembered! 😉

It sounded great! Then it was time for Uncle John. The other hard song. We got back into choral position for this one. That one went really well. We got a little messed up on the first set of wah sah wah sah’s but then after that it went great. Everyone cut at just the right time and it sounded great in that church!

After that it was time to pass the hat, to help us pay for the church. We found out on Tuesday that several of us would crowd around the piano and sing like we were just chillin at a party while the others went and passed the hats. The women were given cards with the songs and the first one we sang was Silver Bells. I don’t know this song very well, so I sang what I knew and smiled and moved my mouth for the rest lol! Then we sang Winter Wonderland, and I knew that one.

L was putting my boa on and I was like, “Merry Christmas Darling is next, not santa Baby” but everyone was putting on their stuff. I was not wearing a boa for my solo lol!

We got back to the groupings and L positioned me in front of the stool and I took off the boa. Someone handed L the mic and she handed it to me.

Oh yeah, after the hat passing, a woman came up and said, “Your Grandma asked me to tell you she and your Uncle are here”. I knew my uncle was gonna go. Grandma kept telling me all week she got a ride from someone in the neighborhood, but I could tell she was fibbing hehe.

So I’m standing there in front of my stool with the mic, and the opening notes played. All nerves were gone. I wasn’t shaking. My stomach wasn’t turning. I knew all those people were there, but I couldn’t see them hahaha!!!

I nailed it! No cracking, nothing. I was so happy! It sounded fab!

After my solo, I sat on the stool and finished the song with the mic hanging at my side. I gave it to L after, and we put our boas on for Santa Baby.

That song went great too! You could tell everyone was really loosened up at that point, and it was awesome.

For the last song, the choir spread out around the whole church. L took me down the steps and we stood up front. It’s a beautiful song. All unison, it’s called “In this very room”. It’s such a pretty song, all about how there’s enough love and joy in this very room to chase away any gloom. Lovely. One of our singers couldn’t be there, because her mom got deathly ill, so she had asked Miss K to dedicate that song to her mom. The last note hung in the air and there was silence and then loud applause. As the applause died down I could hear sniffing. Hehe! When you make an audience cry, you’ve done a good job.

Suddenly my uncle was there hugging me tight and I could hear tears in his voice. He wisked me to Grandma and she hugged me and there were tears in her voice. I think she hugged me like 5 times haha! Then my cousin who I’d met on FB was there hugging me, then Georgie and Kevin and one of my dearest friends who I wasn’t expecting and my other friend Sarah and Georgie’s boyfriend and Finally B. they were all yelling about how great I was and Kevin said he was in tears haha! Then the old piano player from the old choir with Miss K was there, and one of the mom’s of a girl from way back then.

It was hugs all around, and then Miss K was there. She said who she was and gave me a hug and I said thank you and she said thank you and I could just feel this moment, I can’t explain it. Unspoken. I’m tearing up as I write this. She is just so incredible.

I stood around talking to everyone for a bit and L and I had contemplated going to eat with everyone after, but I was covered in sweat and needed my water and hadn’t sat down in over an hour except for the stools so B and I slowly said goodby to everyone and made our way outside. the cool night air felt absolutely wonderful!

We ran back into my Grandma and cousin and uncle in the parking lot and talked some more and then I finally got to sit in the car. Ah, sweet relief!

We drove home and rehashed the concert and got stuck in the crowds from the winter lights neighborhood. I said something about rain being scheduled on Monday and B said, someone scheduled rain? Hahha!! I was so brain numb by that point.

We got home and I talked about Miss K. I guess I had never talked about her much to him. He didn’t realize I had been in her choirs before. I think he just forgot really lol.

He hugged me tight as I was going in to lay down and sid he was so proud, and how great it was to see me in my element.

Law and Order SVU was on tv, my favorite show hehe. I lay down smiling, thinking about how wonderful the night was. Eventually I drifted off to sleep.

I slept like a freakin rock haha! When I woke up I was in a ton of pain. I felt hungover. Funny how I can still feel hungover with no booze lol. I think it was probably from all the nerves, excitement, getting hot, almost passing out, and not drinking enough water before we sang.

I’m feeling much better now after going through a ton of emails and having my coffee. today I’ve gotta clean my bathroom to get ready for the home visit tomorrow!

I don’t know if anyone recorded the concert. I’m praying someone did. As soon as I know, I’ll let you know.

Thanks to everyone for helping me through all the nerves yesterday hehe. And L, if you read this, thank you so so so much for all your help during all the rehearsals and the concert! You are truly a wonderful friend!!!

I’ll be emailing the post I wrote about Miss K to her. So if she stumbles onto this one, thank you again Miss K! I had such a wonderful time last night, and it is such a joy to sing under your direction again! I can’t wait till March!

I just talked to Grandma before posting this, and she said she had such a wonderful time. She told me about this little boy in the children’s choir. Every time Miss K turned around, he started goofing off and dancing around, and then as soon as Miss K faced the choir again, he was as good as gold haha!! Grandma had a wonderful time and said I sounded beautiful. I’m looking forward to talking with l in a bit too. Ok, think I can finally post this.


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13 Responses to The Concert

  1. Hooray! I’m so glad that you were happy with your performance. That’s what counts most–how you felt about it. Sounds like a very special evening, surrounded by people who you love and love you back. I know the song “In This Very Room”, it’s so very peaceful, hushed and moving. I hope someone taped it so we can hear your solo!! Congrats on your success!

  2. Sounds like it was a fantastic time! Congrats!!

  3. L^2

    Oh Ro, I’m so happy to hear it went well. Yay! Sounds like it was a fantastic night.

  4. Congratulations Ro! It sounds like you had an awesome night, I”m happy for you! 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Ro, don’t ask me how I knew, but I just did know that you would make it happen. You functioned fabiously at the function. Way to go!


  6. Chills – your description of the evening sounds beautiful. So happy for you. Hope someone recorded so you can share. Congratulations – hope you have a relaxing day today.

  7. Hey. Aww. So glad it all went well. I was thinking about you. At random times in my drunkenness, I’d look at Steve and the shoe thief and say “Hey, I think Ro is jinga linga ringing!” I seriously would. It would be so neat to be under the direction of the same director you had as a kid. That is just so cool.

    Go raid some spoon drawers so you have heaps of ’em for tomorrow! Hahaha not like you’ll need heaps, I’m sure it will go just fine.

  8. Congratulations! It’s always so rewarding to reap the rewards of your hard work. And to have all your loved ones there to share it with you, what a magical night that was!

  9. *tears* Last night…Jnoi got chills…she looked up at the stars and thought, “Sing your heart out girl!” I knew you were singing and relishing all that excitement and I knew, I just knew you’d be perfect!
    Thanks Ro! And Congrats on a job well done! psst..I named a star for you… I can look up every night and see you shining!
    godspeed… *hugs* *more hugs*
    Jnoi *big smile*

  10. Glad to hear everything went so well, that sounds like one great night!

    If it turns out that somebody did record it and you want to share it, let one of us know and we’ll be happy to put it up for download for you. I’ll even write out all the html and send it to you so you dont have to deal with it when you’re posting since I know how fond you are of all that stuff hahaha.

  11. Ro

    Wow thanks for all the comments everyone! Today has gone by in a haze so I’ve just published comments, but haven’t written, as I was working on cleaning my bathroom today, in preparation for the home visit. I’m so whiped out that I did it all in stages haha!

    Steve, i emailed Miss K and asked if anyone recorded it. I’m sure hoping so. If so, thank you in advance for hosting it! Caren, if you’re not careful, I’m gonna make you learn the jing a lings haha!

    JayNoi, awwww * hugs* back at ya! I love all the *’s in your comments. Alex says “star star hugs star star” haha!! How fitting that you looked at the *’s hahaha!

    I’m not awake enough to address every commenter by name, but just wanted to say thanks again and as soon as I know if we got a recording, I will let you all know.

    Oh, Mimi! Yes, isn’t that song amazing? Maybe I can find a youtube of it to share, if we didn’t get recorded.

  12. Hey ro. Just letting you know that i stumbled across your blog from Jenifers blog. Can’t be bothered linking lol.

    Great blog, and keep up the good work!!!!! I think i will add you to my RSS feed!!!!

    I’m just browsing through your posts. Hope that’s okay. Xxoxoxo

  13. Ro

    Hey there Torie! Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoy!

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