“The Company: A Novel of the CIA” by Robert Littell – narrated by Scott Brick

When I went into my Audible library just now to get the link to the page for this book I was dismayed to find it wasn’t available. It’s a shame, but it appears as though the unabridged version is gone. They’ve taken it from I think a forty something hour book down to a sixteen hour book. That is quite dismaying. It looks like the print version is still available in its entirety. I’m so glad I got this audio book when I did!

“The Company” was so epic. I don’t even know how to begin to review it. If you like spy novels, you’ll love this book. I’ve never really been into the spy genre but I really enjoyed this book. Historical fiction is one of my new favorites and “The Company” doesn’t disappoint.

I got so invested in these characters since we meet them when they’re young and impressionable and follow them into their careers with the CIA. Are they all on the side of the US? I should have written this up much sooner. I finished it at the end of May. I just remember it seemed non-stop, something always happening. There was a lot I found familiar since I read a book about Area 51. I feel like I’m learning more about the past from books than I ever did in school; how sad is that?

Scott Brick narrates this and he’s just so easy to listen to. He’s definitely one of the best narrators in my opinion. He does accents well, differentiates between characters without over acting and shows appropriate levels of emotion. I loved this book and am so sad to find the unabridged version gone. I’m beginning to wonder why they think we’d want abridged audio books. I haven’t found anyone who prefers them. In this case, listeners would be missing out on soooooo much with how much they trimmed away.

Rating: So good!

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