The Cognitives

I woke up some time before 5am today and was laying there hoping to get back to sleep but contemplating just getting up when I thought, that wouldn’t be good for the cognitives. Then I thought that could be a funny band name. Then for some reason that song Do the Hustle was in my head and the next thing I knew the alarm was going off.

I’ve been in another foggy haze today. The weather was crazy. Plenty of rain which made the desert happy.

Not long before B was due home from work, the power went out. It’s amazing how lost we are today when the power goes out. I remember as a kid it was an adventure. Now it’s like, wait, my modem doesn’t work! Oh no! My cell phone only has a 50% charge!

Luckily the power came back on not long after it went out. My smoke detector began to sound like a cordless phone from 1995.

B got home and we ate and talked for a bit and then went to watch The Black List On Demand like we’ve been doing on Fridays but there was no episode this week so B started looking at documentaries. We previewed one about baseball in another country but it sounded like men acting like drama queens so we passed. We settled on a 911 conspiracy theory documentary. Now I’ve watched and read some interesting theories about 911 but this thing was just ridiculous. I wonder how many times he said “question”. At least we both had a good laugh. Oh man, we should have watched something about JFK. I think the conspiracy theory about Joe DiMaggio having Kennedy killed was more believable than most of the stuff in this documentary. Fifty years ago wow. Fifty years ago today.

There was just enough time for me to quickly put something up for today’s post before going and passing out. I tell you, NaBloPoMo is really difficult this year with how sick I’ve been. Maybe I’ll get the cognitives back soon.

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