The cat ate my homework

The bad thing about being a good student in the beginning of any class, is when the inevitable slacking begins, and one must admit it. Its not that I was really slacking per se, but I just couldn’t bring myself to focus my mind on reading braille. I hit such a fatigue mixed with a little depression, that the thought of trying to feel dots, interpret them into letters, form a word and then a sentance and then a story, was just too daunting. So I must go to class today and admit that. I need to get back on track, to keep up my reputation =)

After my first workout on Monday, I was in some pretty good pain. I had to go to cooking class after the workout, and while I was chopping peppers, I suddenly had to sit down. A good feeling though, the burn. It was a fun day too, because one of the sighted employees had to go under blindfold that day, so we were all giving him hell, and I even got to help him find the kitchen. Fun! After exersise, when I was waiting for my ride, I was making some other clients laugh with my talk of “sighties”. I called one of the guys a “partial sightie” when I learned that he has some vision. They just thought it was the funniest thing…I don’t think I made it up, but I can’t really remember who I first heard the term from.

Yesterday I was going to cram and read all the braille, and in the morning I had a ton of energy, so I did some cleaning. At oon, the always looming daily crash hit, and it was all I could do not to sleep (the abundance of coffee probably prevented a nap).

So today I admit that I’m not always the energetic balls to the wall student they have all come to see me as sometimes. Oh well, a little ego deflation never killed anyone, right? I think later I’ll try and start the doggy diaries. Best to get the story caught up here before things start to really develop.

Oh on a side note, I had a good laugh yesterday when a friend said hi on the IM. I said “wassup”. Usually, my computer pronounces this word like “wahsup”. I recently did an update, and sometimes after an update, Apple must have taken some suggestions and developed some of the slang words to sound correct. Suddenly my computer saod the word wassup just right, instead of sounding like a seventy year old trying to be hip to slang haha! I love my Apple, I’ll have to write about that too.

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