“The Black Box” (Harry Bosch #18) by Michael Connelly – narrated by Michael McConnohie

Is “The Black Box” the last Harry Bosch book? It’s the most current one and was released last year, but is this the end of the Harry Bosch character? I guess you’ll have to read the series and find out eh? I’ll never tell.

Harry Bosch is back on a cold case, this one the murder of a woman during the ’92 LA riots. It’s the 20th anniversary of the riots and the department thinks it’ll be cool to close some open cases from back then. Only problem is, this one is a white girl, and if that’s the only case closed, “the man” is worried that the city will freak out again. Just try to pull Bosch off this case though, just try. He was the detective on the scene in ’92 so know way he’s backing down.

He starts to “follow the gun” and where it leads him is rather disturbing. Eventually he goes up against powerful men who will stop at nothing to keep this case cold, even going as far as silencing Bosch?

There isn’t much more I can say about this book without giving stuff away. I know at one point, I was angry with Bosch for how he was handling things. That is one of the things I’ve loved about this series. I love Bosch but I can get so angry with him at the same time. I love how he is flawed just like real people. It makes everything so much more believable when you can truly relate to a character.

A little over a year and I’m caught up with the Harry Bosch series. I won’t have those books waiting in the wings now when I need to get back to a good ol’ cop book. I feel a little empty.

Rating: Entertaining

Oh, I was surprised at the beginning of the book when the narrator was announced as Michael McConnohie. He was a pleasant change though and I enjoyed him. He didn’t “over-read” the book.

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