Thanksgiving wrap-up

Yesterday was pretty great. The only minor set back was Timmy waking me up early, which caused me to lay in bed with the wheels in my head turning, and I thought about the parking at the meeting place for the first gathering and freaked out. I know parking can be an issue there, and Carol and I had talked about going at noon when everyone would be in the meeting, making the food more accessible for her. So I sent her a text freaking out about parking, and then called at ten and she didn’t answer so I left a message freaking out about parking. What a way to wake up. I felt like a tool lol. She called when she woke up and said we’d just see how it went. So I finished getting ready, put on some make-up and my brown dress, and she picked me up.

Parking was almost an issue, but as we were driving in the parking lot, Carol spotted 2 guys and asked if they were leaving. They were, so we got their spot. We walked up and I ran into a friend who I hadn’t seen in awhile and she almost didn’t recognize me. It was so good to see her!

After some finagaling to grab chairs and put them in a good spot outside, we could finally sit and relax. Not too much was going on, and there weren’t a whole lot of people I knew, but i got to see Lish and the friend who bought me that iPod. He said I’ve lost a lot of weight and am I ok lol. I assured him I’m doing it the right way. It was really great to see him and let him know what I’ve been up to. It was that iPod that led to this Apple that has led to all the amazing things I’m doing online. We reminisced about the trick he played on me with the iPod, and in reading the post just now when I dug it up, I realized that I really did talk nice about him. When I mentioned my blog, he said to be sure and tell you all what a jerk he is. He really isn’t, but I thought I’d honor him.

Carol and I hung out a bit longer, and then I came home and had about an hour to kill before meeting the family. My friend had called to say she was so happy to run into me, and I called her back and was chatting when B came in and said I had to watch this thing on the sports channel he was watching. So I went and watched.

It was the most amazing story. A guy went blind when he was 5 from a brain tumor, and his grandfather was a pro football player in his day. The kid wanted to play football, and he’s playing football. Blind. He’s a freshman in high school, and his coach and teammates help him play football. He plays on the defensive line, and he said when guys find out he’s blind, they go easy on him until he hits them for the first time haha! He was asked if he’s afraid of getting hurt, and he said his biggest fear is getting his sight back, to which I said out loud, yes! He said to him, the world is pretty perfect. He doesn’t see despair and slums and such, and he thinks if he got his sight back, it would devestate him. I certainly don’t think the world is perfect, but I know what he means. My life today is pretty great, and I actually do think about how mundane it would be again if I could see. So that was a great story. I should try and find his story somewhere online.

After that B and I went to meet the family at this old historic hotel that was doing a Thanksgiving buffet. It was great! Awesome food. I had turkey and prime rib and salmon and crab and mashed potatos and stuffing and sweet potatos and shrimp and the most amazing to die for chocolate dessert EVER. The place had a pianist and it was really nice, though a little loud. It was kinda hard to hear over it, and I was afraid my Grandma wouldn’t like it, but she said she enjoyed the music. And this reminds me of a puppy raiser hahahaha, because when my family said there were children there, I was shocked. I had no idea there were children there. Usually in restaurants, the kids are allowed to run wild and be loud, but not in this place. There really are some good parents in the world lol!

I ate so much I swore I’d never eat again. I came home and called my friend G because it was his birthday and we hadn’t talked in awhile. So we caught up on the phone for quite awhile while my food started to settle haha.

So in a nutshell, that was my day. It was really nice, seeing friends and family. I’m so grateful for my life. I can’t even say specific things. All of it. I’m grateful for all of it!

Today I’ve just been relaxing. I finally got B to pick up Pop Secret Homestyle microwave popcorn, since Carol told me its the best and I’ve wanted it for days. I had that for lunch and it is really really really good haha! I talked to Carol for a bit and just did whatever; my favorite kind of day.

Something really cool is in the works and will hopefully become solid tomorrow, so I’ll write about it if it all works out.

Hope everyone is recovering from their triptofan hangovers!


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4 Responses to Thanksgiving wrap-up

  1. ahhh how can you leave us with that cliff hanger lol. I have to know!! Lol. Hey let us know if you find the story of that boy, sounds interesting.

  2. Ro

    Hahahaha I think cliffhangers are becoming my shtick lol! I don’t even mean to do it, but as I was writing that last sentence I realized what I was doing. I’m weird, and I’m always afraid I’ll jinx myself if I talk about something before it happens. Maybe I’ll stop doing it, but something tells me I enjoy it too much. Just treat my blog like a tv series. You know, to be continued…at least it won’t be a whole week until I air again 😉

    I totally forgot to see if I can find that kid’s story. I’ll definitely look for it though, I wonder if he has a blog?

  3. Haha, yeah I guess I’ll just have to wait lol. Maybe I’ll try to google the kid cause I know Darrell would be pretty interested in the story.

  4. Ro

    Yeah I haven’t looked it up because Google takes so much patience for me, and I should really be laying down because I’m falling asleep and I know if I start Googling I’ll either get frustrated or sucked in 😉

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