Thanksgiving award – passing it on

I’m having some problems attempting this, so I’m gonna try it this way and see how it goes.

Yesterday I read a blog post by Jennifer, and she had been given an award! The way it works, I’m gathering, is if you’re named, you post the award image, name 5 other blogs, then those 5 take the image and post it and name another 5 blogs.

So, I saved the image and this morning attempted to add it. So first I tried the URL and then tried to go in and write my post, but I wasn’t getting my keyboard echo, couldn’t enter or delete. Very odd. So I tried uploading the photo, and had the same problem. So now I’m gonna write the post and try adding the image last lol. I sure hope this works.

So now to pick 5 blogs to pass the award to. One of the blogs I thought of got the award from someone else, so I’m not gonna double dip lol. So here are the 5 I picked.

Of course I gotta pick Carin and Steve because they have quickly become friends, and Carin and I are now email pals and soon to be braille pals. I just love these two!
Emily and the Labradors was one of the first blogs I started reading, and I read the entire story of Douglas, who just got his person on Wednesday! Also, its because of this blog that Carin and I met. And, emily is a puppy raiser 🙂
L^2 is another blogger I feel I’ve gotten to know, and plug often. She’s an amazing woman, and doesn’t let her visual impairment get in the way of life. She also does great photography and image descriptions, and she’s just plain cool 😉
Sadia has the most fun blog about her twin girls who are just so cute. I love reading about their adventures, and I love the way her blog is written. Hers is one that when she appears on the reading list I’m like yeah!!!
And Natalie is a sighted girl with a blind boyfriend. I’m only writing that, because since I’m a blind girl with a sighted boyfriend, I feel a kind of kinship to Natalie. She’s also a puppy raiser and you know how much I love puppy raisers!

Ok, gonna try to add the award now, I hope it goes ok. So, if you were named here, take the award and post it, and name 5 more blogs. Thank you all for being a part of my life!


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16 Responses to Thanksgiving award – passing it on

  1. L^2

    Aww… Thanks for the award!

    Now I have something to blog about for tomorrow. LOL

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. 🙂

  2. Ro

    You’re welcome!!

    Yesterday was good, a little chalenging, but good. I’m going to blog about it at some point today. We almost had a fight when politics were brought up. It was closest I’ve ever heard my dad and uncle come to having words, yikes! But the food was fab and I’m still full haha! Hope you had a good day too!!

  3. Hey. Aww. You make me feel all warm and fuzzy. You’re awesome. Looks like you got the picture up. It’s really really weird to add images. The add image thingamabobber is just a graphic. It’s not a link. You have to click it and then a separate window comes up and you can either add the picture or the url. I’ve never done urls. But just clicking add image can be fun.

    Speaking of thingamabobbers and bump doodles, did you ever get your Swiffer together?

  4. Cool, our very own award!

    I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to thank the academy. Thanks, academy. wow, that was way easier than it looks in all those goofy speeches.

    I’ll let Carin post about this and pick our 5 because she’s the half of us that everybody actually likes.

  5. Ro

    Luckily the add image image and the insert link image are the same kinda thingy, bad developer bad bad, not making the image say link, but I digress. At least I figured it out. I was wishing I knew what the image looked like so I could try adding an alt text lol.

    Uh, er, Swiffer, no no not yet. I been slackin. I didn’t realize the thing needed batteries. Should have told B to grab some since he’s at the store, but all I could think about was Pop Secret Homestyle popcorn, which Carol said is the best ever, so I’ve been dying to try it.

    Someday I’ll Swiffer haha!

  6. Ro

    Steve, in case you didn’t notice, I said Carin *and* Steve, and I also said I just love these *two*. So knock it off with the Carin is the one everybody likes k? 😉

  7. How could you forget about the double a’s, or double ass as Alex says? Hahaha!

  8. Thanks Ro! Thats such a nice little surprise to see my name on your blog lol. Thats awesome though and now I get to go do it too. Thats what I’m going to go do right now haha.

  9. I noticed what you said, so I shall amend what I stated previously.

    Carin is the half of us that everybody actually likes, while I am a couple folks with a capacity for pitty away from being the exact opposite.

  10. Ro

    Ah yes, the double ass hahahaha!!!

    Natalie, I was equally surprised to find my name listed on another blog. Such a cool feeling! Glad you enjoyed!

    Steve, so now you’re saying I just pity you? Wow. I don’t pity people. Unless they pity themselves. I don’t think you pity yourself, so therefore I don’t pity you. Meep function meep meep.

  11. I certainly don’t pitty myself. I’m just being a tool which, I should point out, is why Carin is the half of us that everybody likes.

  12. Ro

    Well, I like tools, so I can’t say I like one of you better 😉

  13. Hahaha fair enough. I’m just being difficult for no real reason. I don’t have any kind of weird self esteem issues or anything, don’t worry.

  14. You are too sweet. Thanks for thinking of me. I’ll post the award tonight. It’s been such a pleasure to “meet” you in cyberspace. Your positive attitude is infectious.

    Would you mind sending me your e-mail address? You can find me at sadia47 at gmail dot com.

  15. Ro

    You’re welcome! I have so enjoyed your blog too, in fact I told one of my irl friends to look you up 😉

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