Thanks to @TheGarfoose, my baseball and writing worlds collide

Another baseball player gets his own label on my blog. What? Really? You are holding another up there with the fandom of Evan Longoria? Why yes, yes I am.

There is so much to write, but unfortunately I am completely brain fried and on my own imposed deadline, so I’m just writing the introductory post so my guy can get his own label.

Dirk Hayhurst is joining the Rays!

Who, you might ask? Blue Jays fans will know, and anyone who likes baseball books. I only discovered him oh, about two months ago maybe, After Steve gave me a link to Dirk’s blog, click his name above to go read his post about joining the Rays.

Long story short because I’m about done being able to think, I fell in love with Dirk Hayhurst. No worries Bonnie, not that way. As you all know, I’m crazy about baseball and I’m crazy about writing and Dirk does both.

I had emailed him a few days ago, before I heard the rumors about the Rays being interested. He’s on Twitter a lot and of course his blog and after I read his book, ‘The Bullpen Gospels’, I fell in love with him as a writer. He’s also helped me to face my own writing reaper though he had no idea until I wrote to him and told him so.

He humbly replied to me this morning and I won’t share what he said because that’s between us. But he told me he had in fact, just signed a minor league deal with the Rays. Happy dance ensued. I had said on Twitter yesterday that I’d scream so loud, Canada would hear. However I sat in quiet awe after reading the email, having not seen the deal finalized anywhere online. I’d heard it straight from him!

About five minutes later it was all over Twitter. I’m so glad I heard it from the man himself.

There’s something about an athlete, or any public person for that matter, who takes the time to talk to his fans. It makes me feel like somebody, to have said just a little, just enough, to cause him to reply to me. I was on cloud nine for quite awhile, let me tell you.

since this morning quite a lot has happened and I’m exhausted, but wanted to mark the day. Now I’ll go try and think of a story idea around a surgical scrub brush, a post-it note and headphones. An idea is milling around up there, shouting out echoing thoughts in my brain. We’ll see where it goes and if I can finish by Sunday. Coffee please? *yawn*

God I love my life! Still hard times right now, but there’s always something good through the fog of the unlovely. (That’s Carol’s word, hi Carol!)


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2 Responses to Thanks to @TheGarfoose, my baseball and writing worlds collide

  1. You are such an engaging writer. I don’t even like baseball and you got me excited. lol

  2. Ro

    Eeeee!! That’s like, the biggest compliment for an aspiring writer hahah! Thanks so much for telling me. 🙂

    Wow and I could barely even think yesterday, I was so exhausted when I wrote that haha!

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