Thank you GM

GM is working with the NFB, National Federation of the Blind, to create a sound for their Chevy Volt hybrid. woo hooo!!!!

Man, I hope the other car makers follow suit. I’m glad GM is one of the first. I’m kind of surprised, with all the troubles they are having. They are actually willing to spend the money to figure this out. Or maybe it’s that legislation that is making them take action. I’d rather think it’s because they actually care, but maybe I’m a little too warm and fuzzy. I think I really feel for GM because they’ve just been hit so hard with this recession.

Here’s to more manufacturer’s looking at this problem!


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  1. Where are you Ro?
    Your last post was Saturday and you know we’re all addicted to your postings! I’m praying B is okay (last we heard his asthma was acting up) and here’s hoping you two are just fine! *hugs*

    Have a Merry Christmas with many blessings surrounding you!


  2. Ro

    Awwwww this made me feel all warm and fuzzy hehe! Yeah, you’re right, I haven’t posted, wow. today is my first chill day so I need to post today. We’re doing fine, B’s asthma seems to have gotten better thank God. I’ll write a post here in a little bit, thanks for checking on me!!

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