Testing new recording software for the Hanging with Ro episodes

I’m not going to give this an actual Hanging with Ro episode number since this is just a sample recording. I’m changing things up and using Audio Hijack Pro now instead of my iPod with a video camera. I tried to upload to youtube so all the episodes could be in the same home but I’d have to convert the audio files to video files using a slideshow in iMovie and while I could do that, that’s just too much work. Using Dropbox is just much easier. These files are a lot smaller than those video files were too, so this is jut the way to go.

Sooo….have a test. This thing is only a couple minutes long. My mic gets fuzzy at times. I’m not sure what to do about that.

Topics Include:

*Rambling on about the new recording software and testing

*Upcoming Rays game and division stats

Here be the test audio.

Thanks for all your help, Ricardo!

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