Testing email posting

I set this up a few days ago but it didn’t work. Then today I was on
my Blogger dashboard and noticed another address. Huh? So I’m trying
it. I don’t think you can label blogs doing it this way. So what’s the
point? Except to get around the stupid way Safari has been behaving?
Hmmm. K, let’s see if this posts. Also, Blogger said something about a
spam blocker and to check your spam folder for comments. But I don’t
have a spam folder. So, if you comment and it doesn’t get posted, not
sure what to do, because how would I know? My mail program usually
tells me when it thinks something is spam though, so hopefully it’ll
be fine.


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3 Responses to Testing email posting

  1. Ro

    Well it worked but I don’t get the point. And I don’t like how the formatting came out. I kept having to arrow down. And then you have to go in and add labels? Not really getting the point. Maybe if I had email on my phone? Is that the point?

  2. Email on your phone or if you’re somewhere and having trouble logging into Blogger, things like that. It’s also a handy way to send a picture that you may have snapped when you’re on the go. Not that you yourself will be doing a lot of that, but that’s I think why it’s there.

  3. Ro

    Ah I didn’t think about adding an attachment or something. I bet if I had a data plan on my phone I’d be doing email blogging while I’m stuck on the bus. Hmmm, maybe I need to add a data plan hahahaha!!!

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