Swiffer sweeps away domesticated blues

I strongly recommend the Swiffer Sweeper Vac and the Swiffer Wet Jet and let me tell you why.

I got the Wet Jet how long ago? Awhile ago. It works well, but I could never get my floors swept very well before I used it, and if you don’t sweep, it doesn’t work as well. It definitely doesn’t pick up all the hair and tiny pebbles and such, the things that end up on my floors. I end up with my hair, dog hair, cat hair, and tiny pieces of cat kibble since Spinelli likes to play with her food.

I tried sweeping into a corner and using the vacuum hose. I tried sweeping into a corner and using the dust pan. But all the hair would collect on the broom and just push everything further.

I looked for the Swiffer Sweeper Vac at Walgreens. I’ve been pining after it since Georgie told me she uses it and the Wet Jet on all her floors and that’s all she uses. Walgreens didn’t have it, but B spotted it at the grocery store and picked it up for me.

I think the Wet Jet was like $25 or so. The Vac is about $45. Sooooo worth it.

Awhile ago at Target, I bought a big box of pads for the Wet Jet and some refill cleaner, which by the way is non toxic. But I just haven’t used it much. I’ve pretty much given up on having clean floors since going blind and getting fatigued so quickly.

Today I finally got the Vac out. B bought it last weekend and put it together, then showed me how to use it. You actually charge it so no need for batteries. There is a little thing that flips down over where you attach the cloths that go on the sweeper part. The vacuum deal is right ahead of the cloth. There is this cup with a little filter that pop in and out right above the vacuum deal.

I did my kitchen, entryway and bathroom with it and you wouldn’t believe how full that cup got. And I just swept last week. I mean that cup was jam packed. I did it in bare feet and kept walking all over the floor as I swept and didn’t feel a thing on my feet.

Following it up with the Wet Jet was a cinch and now my floors feel sooooo clean! As clean as they’ve felt in a looooong time. I think I’ll do the wet paper towel test and have B take a look at it. You know when you spill and wipe up with a paper towel? I’m hoping the paper towel won’t be black. That’s the true test of clean floors.

I am in love with that thing. I’m sure there’s still grime on my floors from not being able to clean them properly, so if I do this every week, soon there won’t be a whole lot of cloths needed each week. I only used one and it didn’t feel all that dirty. I think that vacuum thing gets to most of the crap before the cloth.

As someone who fatigues easily, this thing is a breeze. It’s so lightweight. I was already tired before I set out to do my floors, and I was still able to do it.

Holy crap, I’m so in love with the combo of the two!

No, Swiffer did not ask me to write this. I am raving about a product just because I love it, which is kinda rare lol.

Coming soon, the Silicone Sally and Medicare nightmare.


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3 Responses to Swiffer sweeps away domesticated blues

  1. That sounds like something I need! I also never could get all the loose stuff off my floor before I used the wet jet. I would always have to sweep with a microfiber broom, vacuum that off, vacuum the corners, and then mop and hope I got it all…..and then be frustrated 10 minutes later when the floor is still dirty lol.

    Glad to hear someone who really likes the swiffer vac!

  2. We have a Wet Jet and I love that thing. I should definitely look into the Vac. I hate brooms.

  3. Ro

    I looked at your instructions site to see what they said about the Vac. It doesn’t actually give any instruction lol.

    I don’t know how it came out of the box, but B put it together rather quickly. I’m sure you could feel the parts, since I know you guys put the Wet Jet together. The rest of it is pretty simple, ixcept I struggled a bit getting the collection cup back in properly since I wasn’t paying attention when I took it out. I was too amazed with all the filth haha! I’d definitely recommend opening it over the trash. There’s a little release button near the cup that just pops it out.

    The vacuum button is on the top, like the Wet Jet. I was holding it down until my thumb got tired, when I realized you press it once to turn it off, then again to turn it off. Duh, but I was tired lol.

    The cloth thing isn’t like the Wet Jet pad. It feels like a thick bandana kind of, and you wrap it around the sweeper part and jam it in little wholes with teeth on either side.

    Get rid of your broom. Mine now lives to sweep the porch. 😉

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