“Suspect” by Robert Crais – narrated by MacLeod Andrews

So I know I have a TON of catching up to do here, like literally a TON. Ok not literally. But you know. I have to start somewhere though and starting is half the battle so I’m jumping in to book posts since they are pretty much straight forward. I am never going to say that I want to keep on top of book posts ever again because I never do. Reverse psychology on myself?

Ok, so “Suspect”. What I learned from this book is do not listen to the end of an audio book which features a dog as a main character as you’re waiting for your paratransit. I can’t remember where I was going, but I vividly recall standing by my front door shouting at my iPad, trying not to cry.

Scott (human) and Maggie (German Shepherd) both suffer from extreme PTSD. Scott’s police partner was shot to death in front of Scott and Maggie’s handler was killed in Afghanistan. Both have nearly lost their careers and are each other’s last hope as they investigate the crime no one wants them to touch.

This book was riveting from start to finish and the narration was wonderful. What a perfect combination of a murder mystery and a dog book! Unfortunately Audible has taken the book off the site for whatever reason which is odd since it was a Daily Deal. I couldn’t remember the name of the narrator so I went agoogling and was reminded it’s MacLeod Andrews. When looking at the book when it was a daily deal the publisher’s summary and the name of the narrator made the purchase a no-brainer. Andrews was one of the narrators who read “Will Grayson, Will Grason” and I really liked him. He did such a terrific job! Reading the review of the post I found while searching for the narrator makes me glad “Suspect” was my First Robert Crais novel. The writer of the post said “Suspect” is her favorite Crais novel so far. I really hope it turns into a series. It was an awesome book with wonderful characters and I’d like to dive back into that world one day. The relationship between human and dog was beautifully written. Maggie was such a cool dog! Perhaps I’m biased towards working dogs. 😉
Rating: Marriage Material

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