Suite People and Adios Arizona!

The first part of this post is for people to reference who are coming with me for games in the suite. The amazing @MandaGator wrote up this itinerary for me to share on the blog for easy reference for the suite people. Hehehe the suite people. Ok I’m incredibly excited! Leaving tomorrow! Ok here’s Manda’s itinerary and I’ll throw in some sentences below.



*Opening Day, Monday March 31st
Those who have been invited to the suite will meet @Raynaadi at Gate 4 at 1pm, (if unable to meet @ that time contact @MandaGator for alternate arrangements).

After a visit to the suite, @Raynaadi & Jayden will be available to visit with #RaysTwitFam while exploring the new 360 outfield area and possibly feeding the cownose rays if time permits prior to opening ceremonies.

*Game 2, Tuesday April 1st
Join @Raynaadi & Jayden on Ferg’s back deck a pre~game cock or mock tail & socializing from 4pm ~ til gates (approx 5:40pm).

Those invited to the suite who are not at Ferg’s will meet just outside the rotunda @ gate 1 @ 5:40pm (if unable to meet @ that time contact @MandaGator for alternate arrangements).

Pre~game @Raynaadi & Jayden will have more time to explore the Trop and socialize in the 360 area.

*Game 3, Wednesday April 2nd
Times subject to change
Join @Raynaadi & Jayden @ Ducky’s in Tampa to indulge in an epicurean sensation from 2pm ~ 4pm.

Those invited to the suite will meet just outside the rotunda at gate 1 @ 5:40pm (if unable to meet @ that time contact @MandaGator for alternate arrangements).

Pre~game @Raynaadi will be on~field for batting practice so look for her & Jayden talking to Longo, DP & the Skipper!


What began as a silly conversation on Twitter has turned into the trip of a lifetime and Manda has been with me every step of the way in the planning process, listening to my concerns and silly worries, laughing and sharing excitement, taking care of all the logistical stuff since she knows Tropicana Field like her own home. I can’t thank her enough! She has stepped into the role of my “scheduling coordinator” and done a fantastic job making me feel like a rock star on tour! I have a feeling this post is the first of several thanking those who have been such an integral part of making this once in a lifetime dream come true. Manda, you are such an incredible friend! I’m so grateful this trip has brought us even closer and I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow!

Yes, tomorrow! Jayden and I are getting on a jet plane and blowing this popsicle stand! Weeeee!!!! I am so incredibly excited this morning I literally had to tell myself to slow down, don’t get worn out today. I’ve done pretty well with pacing myself while getting ready for this trip. I’m feeling pretty darned good *knock on wood* and I can’t wait! Am I going to meet Evan Longoria? Will I get to tell him in person that he is the reason for all this? Wow I can’t even think about it!

Ok, off to post this and get all my Friday stuff done. I probably won’t be posting while on the trip but who knows. I meant to post about all the preparations but yeah that never happened haha! Tantric (that’s my code name) is soon to be on the move!


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3 Responses to Suite People and Adios Arizona!

  1. Karen Reynolds

    Amanda you are amazing! Ro this is so exciting to finally meet you – you have a great itinerary with lots of great plans to meet and greet famous and infamous Rays players, fans and friends. This is grand to say the least!

  2. Jill S.

    I am so excited for you! I’m so happy you’re getting to make the trip.

  3. Cliff Wolf

    Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! This is a great way to kick-off the new season. Meeting a fellow Rays fan living 2-time zones away who is as loyal as any of us in the TB area. We’re looking forward to this & trust your time here will be something you will never forget AND something WE will never forget! Safe travels & Special Thanks to Amazing Amanda @MandaGator!

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