Suggested author – Frank McCourt

I keep track of suggested books on here, so I’ve gotta add this one, because another blogger suggested it and I don’t want to forget.

Frank McCourt – Angela’s Ashes, Tis, Teacher

I read Angela’s ashes years ago and loved it. The blogger said that McCourt narrates the audio book himself, and makes it a must hear. Can’t wait!!


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  1. He does indeed. And it’s unabridged I’m pretty sure. I hate abridged audio. I will avoid it like the plague. Now, hmmm, this is where I show my ignorance. Up here in Canada we have the CNIB library, and the digital library. But I think you guys have the NLS and RFB and D. Are you signed up for those? Is the NLS only in certain states? I really don’t know. I’m pretty sure RFB and D is across the country. I think there is a fee there, but I think it’s pretty small. Oh and there’s, but I don’t know what the fee structure is like.

    I figured if you were a book nut, you’d wanna get your hands on as many books as you possibly can. Hehehe.

    Oh, I love Daisy. I wish I’d had that for my textbooks.

  2. R

    We have Talking Books, which I’ve signed up for, but just like anything else, they’ve had cut backs. The only issue I have with it is that I’m so used to professional narrators and Talking Books is all volunteer. There are other ways I can get books, like the library and what not, too. Also, we’ve got a buy sell trade book store here, so I’m gonna take in all the audio books I have and don’t want to keep and do some trade. I got a ton of books for Christmas last year, from B’s sister in law since she used to commute for work.

    So, yeah. I haven’t heard of all those others you mentioned.

  3. Someone might have already mentioned this to you, but you can download audiobooks for free from public library sites. Here’s a link where you can put in your zip code, and it will give you your public library’s download site.

    Some sites don’t have as many Mac-compatible books, but they have immensely improved the selection available in the past several months.

  4. R

    I’ve checked out my puplic library and its a big pain in the buttskie haha! It can definitely be done, but I’ll have download stuff and convert stuff and man, I like reading, but I don’t quite read enough to make it quite worth it. Plus, I like listening on my cd player too, so I think for now I’m gonna stick with my buy sell trade bookstore. I also use iTunes for getting books from though they have a lot of abridged books and i won’t bother with those.

    Oh and the email didn’t work, but I was gonna say go for it 😉

  5. How weird that the email didn’t work! Did it bounce? Thank you for letting me refer to your post, though. If you’d like, I’d be happy to lend you my copies of Frank McCourt’s audio books. I have all 3 on CD.

  6. R

    It said the email wasn’t a valid address. And my email didn’t recognize it as a link either, so I copied and psted and thats when it said it wasn’t valid. Maybe try commenting again and I won’t publish again? I’d definitely be interested in borrowing those books!

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