Stupid basketball

West Virginia lost to Duke last night in the Final Four. I really wanted West Virginia to go all the way, not just because I would have won the pool, but because I love West Virginia. B said Duke is like the Yankees in baseball and the Cowboys in football. You either love them or hate them. It wasn’t even a close game. There were a few times that WVU got to within 5 but Duke hit all their answering shots. It certainly wasn’t like the last game, where my heart didn’t slow down at all. I haven’t cared about college backetball since Arizona won in 1997, so the fact that WVU was doing so well made it fun again. It just would have been cool if they had won since so many of the people I care about are in West Virginia. Oh well. 🙁

Do you ever have times where you wish you didn’t have a phone? I get like that sometimes. Just days where I don’t feel like talking. It usually happens when I get into a project like a new crochet blanket or a really good book. I think this weekend it’s been my little research project. Little, haha!!

Today I’m going to Gamma’s, not for Easter, but for our usual Sunday. I hadn’t even remembered Easter was coming up until she said she wasn’t going to have anything at the house this year. I didn’t mind one bit, but I think she thought I’d be disappointed. At first, she said she wasn’t going to have anyone over. This was last Sunday. When I clarified that she didn’t want me to come over, she said yes, that I need to get used to her not being around. I was totally respecting her choice to spend the day alone. She used to be very involved in the church, like, sixty years ago, until she got a divorce and the church kicked her out. So she’s always worshipped in her own way. So I thought maybe she wanted to spend the day doing that. But then on the phone the other day, she said she wanted me to come over and could B bring Arby’s? I told her I thought she wanted to be alone, and she just said she didn’t want to do a dinner because it’s too hard pleasing everyone. Then she seemed annoyed that my Dad and Uncle hadn’t suggested going anywhere. It really was confusing. We all just want to plese her, so we’ll do whatever she wants, but when she’s not clear, it’s a little hard. She still has all her mental faculties, so I don’t think it’s anything to do with that. Just the usual lack of communication in a family.

Speaking of the phone, it just rang and I should really return this call. How did a basketball post turn into a family post? Interesting.


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  1. I have days like that all the time. When I lived by myself it was easy, I’d just set the rings on the phone to 0, send everybody straiht through to voicemail and move on with life. That’s not possible now, but trust me there are times when I wish I could do that again. I have friends and family members who have made me utterly hate the telephone because they use it so annoyingly, plus the thing gives me headaches if I’m on it for too long, something people don’t seem to be willing or able to understand.

    And to switch topics, don’t worry about that basketball stuff, baseball’s back for real now! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  2. When I heard they had lost I thought of you!! Dang! I was rooting for them and Butler. Thanks for your sweet comment and yes!

  3. Ro

    Yay baseball!!!!!!!!!! Totally freakin forgot it starts today yay!!!!

    Becky, sweeeet. I’ll link to it soon. Yeah, now I want Butler to win, but really I just don’t care lol, specially now that baseball is back =D

  4. I think I’ve already asked if you knew about talking caller ID. I think you said you didn’t want it for a bunch of reasons. Yeah, pretty sure. God my memory sucks hahaha.

    Steve, I thought I cover for ya enough when you’re all like no phone plese. Maybe I need to work on it hahahha.

    Man I love caller ID. My parents are silly, and half the time don’t bother to leave messages. Without caller ID, I have no idea that they called. Silly mom. She needs to get a new cell phone. Ok, now I’m just rambling and hijacking your blog.

  5. Ro

    Oh I have caller ID on my cell phone. It’s not anyone specifically I avoid when I get like that. On days where I avoid the phone, I only answer Gamma’s calls.

    I was thinking about it in the shower just now, and I think when I don’t feel like getting on the phone, it’s because I tend to feel tied down. It’s kinda hard to multi task, like I can’t just glance at the computer, know what I mean? I have blue tooth so I always stick that on my head and become a Borg and sometimes I’ll clean and stuff. But I think there’s times I just want quality time with my computer and Jayden, where even the bluetooth doesn’t help.

  6. You cover for me just fine, I just hope I thank you enough for doing it. I only mentioned the turning it off thing because the post here got me thinking about that and not only how peaceful it was, but how much stuff I got done without all that annoying ringing.

    Yeah, your folks so need a new phone. Your mom hung up on me like 3 or 4 times yesterday before she found a pay phone. When you have to use the public phone because it’s preferable to the one you’re lugging around with you, time to spend some money, chief.

  7. I can’t imagine being without talking caller ID. Whenever I’m somewhere for any length of time that doesn’t have it it bugs me a little because I’m so used to hearing it and knowing who it is and whether or not I need to bother with it.

  8. Sorry about West Virginia! My husband was really sad when Tennessee got knocked out. I think it’s really nice that you all try to do what your gamma wants, even when she doesn’t know what she wants. That’s too bad about how her church treated her. People can be clueless, we’re all guilty of it!

  9. Ro

    When I first went blind, I just had to answer the phone. I had different ring tones so when the LOST theme played, I knew it was a friend, but if the Nightrider theme played, I had no idea. I ended up having to talk to bill collectors and this one person I really disliked, because I could no longer screen calls. Man, was I grateful for Mobilespeak when I got it haha!

  10. Well you see, families are like a basketball team, when everyone does their job and works together etcetera etcetera blah blah blah. Stupid basketball.

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