Stuck between sick and not sick

It’s really hard to try and do a post every day when I’m under the weather and not doing much. Hmmm. What to write? Maybe I should write about being under the weather.

I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong. I almost feel like I’m getting a cold or flu, but have none of the regular symptoms. I kinda felt like that last week but it passed and then Tuesday afternoon I started feeling it again. Actually I really noticed it on the lesson with Dave. I got really fatigued and winded but I had chalked it up to the route not going well at all and having to do a lot of correcting. Ever since I’ve just been drained. My muscles feel weak and my head feels stuffy but there’s only been some sneezing, not really anything else.

So it’s been a really boring week. Today I’ve just been crocheting. I finished Maddie’s blanket yesterday so soon I’ll wash it up and mail it out. I think the worst part about being under the weather is being worried about Jayden. He seems totally fine with being laxy, snuggling with me on the couch under Carin’s blanket.

I hate it though, being down and out like this. The smallest thing wears me out, even talking. My kitchen is becoming a disaster. I really want to walk the route this weekend with B while Jayden is out of harness and off duty, hoping to show him iit’s a nice walk. I won’t push it though if I’m still really icky, but not being active is not going to help if I’m not really sick. That’s why I wish I had some classic symptoms so I’d know how to treat this, whatever it is. Cold? Flue? MS? Who knows.

Sorry for such a boring post haha.


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2 Responses to Stuck between sick and not sick

  1. Hope you feel better soon. I hate mystery illnesses. You wonder if it’s sick sick or another condition sick. I don’t have MS, but sometimes deficiencies in my other medicines can make me feel sick as a dog. I’m convinced I nearly died 6 years ago. So I always hope I’ll catch the warning signs before it’s too late. But they’re so ambiguous! So I hope this is some dumb bug and will fly away.

  2. Ro

    I’m really beginning to feel like it was just the spoons talking, telling me I needed to take it easy for some reason. Because now I’ve got the inactivity fatigue, which is totally different. Good thing I’m getting good at reading my body, but it sure is hard to tell sometimes. Gonna go for a walk with B and Jay tomorrow methinks, to see how my energy is. I don’t think I’m ready for anything unsupervised since I’m so weak right now.

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