Striking Out with the Classics and Twitter Randomness

Last night I asked Twitter to help me choose the next book I’d start. I listed the books I had loaded on my iPod and people started to cast their vote. It was a lot of fun and people got really into it, especially when I tweeted that they didn’t have to have read any of the books. I even got blocked! I think that might be the first time I’ve ever been blocked on Twitter. Well there was that one time someone blocked me and unblocked me right away, a trick you can do to make someone stop following you but I don’t want to talk about that. Anyway, I got blocked last night by this dude that kept retweeting my book vote tweets and at one point called me and another tweeter losers for reading and not watching movies. Finally he RTd me and wrote, “no. one. cares.” So I replied, “Then. Stop. Reading. My. Tweets” He RTd me and wrote, “blocked”. Wow! Does that mean I’ve really made it in Twitter land?

So “Pride and Prejudice” won the voting and “Little Women” took second. It was a really fun night and I’ll probably do that again next time I can’t decide on what book to begin next. I started P and P last night and had to give up on it. I made it through a few chapters but the narration was so terrible I just couldn’t do it. The book was centering around young women hoping to be courted by the new rich guy in town and the woman narrating it sounded like an old witch. It was awful. I told B this and he said, “you know you don’t have to read it.” Yes but it’s like this. YOu buy a book at Barnes and Noble and never read it. It sits on your shelf collecting dust, the pages rotting away. Ok, so “Pride and Prejudice” was a giveaway from Audible so I didn’t waste any money on it. Gee thanks for giving me a crappy narrator, Audible.

So I gave up after an hour and switched to the book that had taken second place in the voting, “Little Women”. Maybe I would have stuck with it longer had I not just wasted an hour listening to awfulness but I think I lasted maybe two minutes listening to the robotic woman who sounded like she was reading to fifth graders before I gave up on that one too. I never give up on books. The only other one I remember giving up on was “David Copperfield”, also due to bad narration. Man, I’m striking out with the classics. Oh I also gave up on that one Robin Cook book because of stupid stupid story. So to give up on two books in one night is a record that will probably never be broken.

I ended up moving on to the book that had taken third place in the voting, “The Great Gatsby”, narrated by Jake Gyllenhaal. Can you say yum? He has a very nice voice and the image of him in my fading memory is yum. Male narrators tend to sit better with me than female narrators. Female voices are often just too shrill to listen to for an extended time.

So there’s my random writing about narrators and Twitter and audio book voting. I’ve got several book posts to write, again. I read so much I fall behind awfully quickly.


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  1. I suggest Huckleberry Finn, it’s a classic and has an excellent narrator. I haven’t gotten around to that posting yet, but it is high on my suggestion list of good classics. I want to read Tom Sawyer next. Sorry you struck out with the previous 2 classics, I hve those in my audible library and haven’t gotten around to them yet. You may just have helped me push them a little farther down the cue. 🙂

  2. Hi Ro,

    I agree with you on the narators! As for the people who block you on Twitter, never mind them. I read books all the time, so it’s really their opinion about books and films that they don’t need to push onto you and people who have similar interests. Very interesting post there.

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