“Strangers” by Dean Koontz – Narrated by Dick Hill

I am having such horrid writer’s block. I suppose it’s always possible to write about a book, right? I do want to keep more on top of each book this year since last year there were a number of times I slacked on writing posts and had a lot to catch up on and blanked on the books a bit. I’m also changing things this year and not keeping a running book list at the bottom of each post. You’ll notice at the top of the page, there’s a specific books page that will have a list of all the books with links to the posts. All of 2012’s books are there as well, under their own heading.

So the first book finished this year was “Strangers” by Dean Koontz. I started it right at the end of 2012 and finished it on the tenth of January I believe. I had been in the mood for a scary book and asked a friend for a recommendation. He recommended “Strangers” and I noticed it was one of Koontz’s earlier works so I gave it a go. I am just not a Koontz fan. I loved “From the Corner of His Eye” but didn’t like “77 Shadow Street” and I didn’t much care for “Strangers”.

The book starts out with a bunch of random people experiencing really odd things. I suppose the things they experienced were scary, like a fear of black gloves, sleep walking and waking up in strange places, but the obsession with the moon was a little peculiar, not scary.

Once again I understand the point of abridged books with this one. It could have been a lot shorter. The audio book was three parts. Most books I read are two parts. I found my mind wandering often and finally something exciting would start to happen only to stop all too quickly. This book was like a fire cracker that doesn’t quite explode the way it’s supposed to.

By the time I reached the end and had all the mysteries explained I just didn’t care. Let this post be proof to myself that I’m just not a Koontz fan! I’m sure fans of his work would enjoy this book. Oh and I can’t blame it on the narrator because that was Dick Hill and he did the first several Harry Bosch books and he’s Dick Hill. I don’t think he was responsible for the pacing, though I did think he sounded kinda bored.

Rating: Meh

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