“Stormfront” (The Dresden Files Book 1) by Jim Butcher – narrated by James Marsters

My dear friend Amanda has been trying to get me to read the Dresden books for I don’t know how long. Finally she took matters into her own hands and gifted me the first book for my birthday. I’ve used that tactic before. If you want someone to read a book you love, buy it for them. It works every time!

We’ve talked since I finished this book so she knows how I felt about it and assures me the series gets better as it goes along. Honestly the production of the audio book is to blame for my less than stellar feelings towards it. Marsters audibly breathes. A lot. I mean there is excessive breathing. You can also hear pages turning at points. The breathing got so distracting it took away from the story. Amanda tells me the narrator was an actor in the Buffy the Vampire TV series so she thinks the transition to audio book narrating was a little rough. She assures me he gets better as the series goes along.

Don’t get me wrong, the book was entertaining. Harry Dresden is a wizard in the every day world of Muggles. Oh wait, that’s a different series. He has a private detective business. Magic must help with that for sure, but he struggles to pay the rent each month. He is sometimes called upon by the police department to help them with odd cases that might involve magic or sorcery. In “Storm Front”, he’s called to the scene of a vicious murder that has the police stumped. Harry begins to work the case along with a second case his business has set up. Gee, I wonder if the two cases will be related? Care to take a guess?

It was fun though. Harry is sarcastic and witty and he has an assistant in his basement lair that is just an old skull with a spirit in it. I’ll give this series a shot since Amanda loves it so much but I think The Grimnoir Chronicles have me spoiled as far as adults who can do magic are concerned.

Rating: Entertaining

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3 Responses to “Stormfront” (The Dresden Files Book 1) by Jim Butcher – narrated by James Marsters

  1. I’m with Amanda on this one – I love The Dresden Files! Back in 2012 I read the first dozen or so books in this series all in about a month and couldn’t wait for more. It’s too bad that yet again the narrator distracted you from fully enjoying a good book.
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  2. Ro

    I enjoyed it and I’ll continue since so many people have said it’s a great series. I’m just really glad the narration gets better.

  3. Honestly, Taylor and I are rereading the Dresden books because we enjoyed them so much. We are also doing it so we are refreshed before the new book in May. I think Bob is 1 of my favorite characters, he’s almost always good for a laugh.

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