“Stay Close” by Harlan Coben – narrated by Scott Brick

I’m glad I didn’t read any reviews before getting this. Novels are subjective though so perhaps I still would have gotten it. I usually read a few reviews when it’s a narrator I’m not familiar with but when I read the publisher’s summary I was hooked and I’m very familiar with Scott Brick. One reviewer said everything was just too unbelievable. Hmmm, interesting. I’ve read plenty of books where I’ve had to suspend my disbelief but this certainly wasn’t one of them. It sounds like most of the bad reviews are from long time Cobin fans and this was my first book of his, so maybe his others will be even better. And wow to people hate on Scott Brick. I think you either love him or hate him. I happen to enjoy his narrating.

I just read a few of the reviews on Amazon and it definitely wasn’t just the audio version Cobin fans didn’t like. I’m honestly quite stunned and a little offended haha! There was one long time Cobin fan who gave it 5 out of 5 stars so now I feel validated for enjoying it.

Megan, Ray and Broome lead separate lives but their pasts have been linked for the past seventeen years. (The blood, all the blood) Megan escaped her crazy life and became a suburban soccer mom, Ray’s career as a photo journalist fell apart and his current job is a complete joke and Broome is a detective who hasn’t been able to let go of a seventeen year old case. When Megan becomes board and looks back at her old life, she decides to stop by the old club since she’s in the area for a conference. What follows is the unraveling of the seventeen year long mystery.

This was my first Corbin book and what a ride it was! Corbin is a master at tension. At one point I sighed with relief and realized I had been holding my breath. The story kept me guessing the whole time. I got part of it right but couldn’t see the big picture. I thought the character development was great, the three main characters being believable and real. The “supporting cast” was excellent as well. Ok, Ken and Barbie, can you say creepy? What is up with those two? I mean seriously, what is up with them? *Shiver* There was a mother-in-law with dementia which I related all too well with, the sassy barmaid at the club, Ray’s sarcastic boss, even an androgynous attorney. I really could not tell if this lawyer was female or an effeminate male.

I jotted down a conversation that made me laugh since most of us have probably had a similar one at least once in the last five years.

“Some ass wipe stole her away from me,” Fester said.


“She’s married now. To a plumbing contractor in Cincinnati. They got two sons. I saw all these pictures of them on Facebook. They did some Carnival Cruise last year. They go to Reds games. She looks really happy.”

“Everyone looks happy on Facebook.”

“I know, right? What’s up with that?” Fester tried to smile, but he couldn’t make it through the ache.

“…tried to smile but couldn’t make it through the ache.” What a descriptive line. I thought “Stay Close” was just excellent. I put Cobin in there with Gillian Flynn if you want a good thrilling mystery that will make your mouth drop open, your breath hitch and your stomach turn.

Rating: So good!

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